How Shoppers Young And Old Can Fall For Fake Websites

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How do you convince people that they are not influenced by advertisements? You make adverts so bad that only a child would be convinced by them. Haven’t you ever wondered why companies make awesome adverts and a year later they make awful ones. It perpetuates the idea that we are immune to advertising, so we are less likely to avoid it, and so more likely to fall for it. On the same note, haven’t you ever wondered why there are so many Awful scams out there? They are terrible in order to trick you into thinking you cannot be conned. It primes you for being taken advantage of.

The Worst And Dumbest Scams Have Two Purposes

We have all seen the dumb scams. They have misspellings, they have poor typesetting, they make bold claims and often have some very bought-purchased stock images on them. To most people, they are obvious scams, but they actually have two uses.

The first is to teach people that scams are obvious. It is to teach people that scams are easy to spot with their poor use of English, their Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) marketing, and their cheap appearance. The same scammers will also target you with highly sophisticated scams, even those that appear to be fronted by celebrities. If they prime you with enough poor-quality scams, then your guard is down when a more sophisticated scam comes along.

The second reason these obvious scams exist is to catch vulnerable people. They catch people who are very young, or people who have reached a stage in their life where their cognitive ability is hindered. They also target people who are learning disabled or educationally subnormal. That is why such bold claims are made in the scams, it is because there is a small demographic of people in each country who are vulnerable to this type of marketing.

They Rely On Your Pride

One of the biggest reasons why sophisticated scams run for so long is that they are not reported quickly or en masse. Nobody knows how many scams go unreported. Scammers rely on people’s pride, especially more senior people. It is embarrassing reporting that you have been scammed, especially when you are older and are supposed to know better.

This ties into the mistaken belief that scams are easy to spot. To the idea that scams have obvious warning signs. When people are caught by sophisticated scams, they are embarrassed to report them and are embarrassed to tell family members and friends.

Anybody And Everybody Can Be Scammed

The team at Web Paranoid works night and day to guard against scams. They use a variety of metrics, from server chatter to web spiders, all to find which websites are real and which are scams. They work so hard because anybody can be scammed. It isn’t about greed or stupidity, it is because you ?Have? to trust websites at one point or another. Even well-regarded websites like Amazon have sellers who don?t send out the stuff, or who charge 400% profit on items that are not worth the space in your dustbin.

Companies like Web Paranoid do for scams what services like Norton and McAfee do for viruses. They are constantly working to identify and guard against scams like those websites guard and work against viruses and malware. Scammers are now so prolific, especially thanks to the dark web, that more and more scam-tracking services are popping into existence. Scam tracking and scam identification services wouldn?t be so popular if scammers were not so successful in what they do. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, at some point, you have to trust certain websites, and those websites could one day betray you.

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