How Technology is Evolving Within Work Culture – A Report by Hani Zeini

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For an establishment to be highly successful, it must connect with people through various technological means. In addition to this, it should also compel a positive managerial culture, which will move them forward efficiently in a marketplace. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. To gain success, entrepreneurs have to rebuild and reconsider their culture time and again. They have to rework their ideas to meet the needs and requirements of their target audience. For entrepreneurs who seek to become more innovative and adaptive, opting for consistent cultural change is a must. 

However, this process can be challenging. Creativity, says Hani Zeini, requires new behaviors on the part of team members, while aligning with corporate culture. Employees have to focus on efficiency and operational excellence. Bringing a change of culture through technological channels is difficult, and it cannot happen without a mandate. Through dedicated team members, a significant difference in the work culture can come into being.

Hani Zeini shows the path towards developing a transformed work culture

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