How Technology is Evolving Within Work Culture – A Report by Hani Zeini

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For an establishment to be highly successful, it must connect with people through various technological means. In addition to this, it should also compel a positive managerial culture, which will move them forward efficiently in a marketplace. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. To gain success, entrepreneurs have to rebuild and reconsider their culture time and again. They have to rework their ideas to meet the needs and requirements of their target audience. For entrepreneurs who seek to become more innovative and adaptive, opting for consistent cultural change is a must. 

However, this process can be challenging. Creativity, says Hani Zeini, requires new behaviors on the part of team members, while aligning with corporate culture. Employees have to focus on efficiency and operational excellence. Bringing a change of culture through technological channels is difficult, and it cannot happen without a mandate. Through dedicated team members, a significant difference in the work culture can come into being.

Hani Zeini shows the path towards developing a transformed work culture

Pay careful attention to motivation theory: What is motivating for one team member may not be attractive for other members. Human beings are complex, and treating everyone in identical ways is not the right approach. Providing employees with the same incentives to complete different tasks is a conventional approach, but it does not always work very well. While finding ways to motivate workers, keep in mind that they must appeal to the employees and channel partners in the same manner. If done correctly, Hani Zeini says, it may profoundly change the competitive landscape. For this, institutions must assess different technological channels with employees and leadership. It will help them to learn about the way people are motivated towards a goal.

The role of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators: Intrinsic motivators play a vital role in shaping human behavior. For this, the employee must feel connected with the organization’s goals and develop the feeling of inculcation in the work environment. However, this process can be both painful and challenging. Studies reveal that a sense of purpose, impact, and value helps in motivating a person intrinsically. 

Motivation is an individualized and vast subject, which encompasses a wide range of human behavior. In addition to intrinsic motivators, extrinsic or external motivators also play a significant role. These motivators encompass bonuses, salaries, tangible awards, etc. According to Hani Zeini, a proper blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators is influential in engaging employees in the work environment.

Creating intentional connections: For increasing loyalty and connectedness among employees, leaders have to create a culture that exhibits its commitment to its employees. When the leader makes long-term investments in its workers like training, education, and health benefits, it leads to workforce development. By investing in the employees’ personal growth and well-being, you ensure a long-lasting and positive impact.

How does technology directly impact work culture? 

Human behavior is malleable in every respect. Technology has the power to influence workplace culture in a variety of ways. Some fear that technology can even change the organization’s mission, but people think it will also generate positive results on the organization’s work. Various technological tools help leaders to develop a deeper understanding of work culture. 

Leaders also understand how to handle multiple organizational issues through technology. Many research scholars coined this as “culture technology,” a science seeking to improve workplace culture. Many top leaders of organizations try to use technology to derive feedback from the employees in order to change workplace culture. 

Many organizational leaders use some technological ways to keep track of organizational success. Sometimes, employees might fear expressing their views; therefore, technology can also be used for collecting feedback from those employees through various anonymous channels. It is a workplace culture that is the basis of any particular organization’s success. It is through technology that you can create a conducive work environment.

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