How Testosterone Helps Build Muscle

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Just like most other hormones, the primary male sex hormone is available in supplement form. If we look at it chemically, it is a steroid, but biologically, it is a sex hormone in men. Testosterone plays a wide range of vital functions in the body, muscle growth being one of them. In this piece, we will take a look at how it generally works in the body and how it helps muscle building enthusiasts.

How Testosterone Affects the Body

In men, testosterone is essential, and its deficiency can have some adverse effects on the body. The results are almost similar for women, but they are often more pronounced in men. It directly functions in conjunction with the brain and the spinal cord to maintain glucose levels and regulate metabolism. However, low T levels in men could have a range of effects, including:

  • Lower caloric expenditure
  • Heightened blood glucose and disorders
  • Insulin insensitivity
  • Increased fat and weight

As the body generates and makes steroids, it affects muscle performance and stimulates muscle growth.

Testosterone Supplementation

Testosterone can serve as a prohormone in sex glands and tissues like fat, hair follicle, and the skin. Fats and estrogens go hand in hand. This is why the more the fat you have in your body, the more the estrogens (female sex hormones). Apart from the muscles, some body parts affected include the brain, heart, bone, skin, male reproductive organs, and the kidney.

Optimum levels of testosterone are often an indicator that your health and immunity are okay. However, if your testosterone levels are low, supplementing with the hormone is advisable because men need more energy than women. As seen on the Wilson Supplements website, dozens of muscle building supplements exist out there, and one of them is testosterone. Muscled men are more attractive, and this is why you find some men overdoing these supplements trying to gain more body mass. Testosterone supplementation is also commonly taken to help improve sexual performance, reduce body fat, and increase bone mineral intensity.

How Testosterone Makes The Muscles Bigger:

To start with, testosterones multiply the number of muscle fiber precursor cells called satellite cells. When the cells are activated, they incorporate with the existing muscle and enlarge them. The satellite cells can also come together and form new muscle fibers.

Also, the body has several control centers, some of which are enhanced and multiplied by testosterone. This hormone often increases the number of available androgen receptors to which it can bind within the muscles. This is in part the reason why regular exercise increases testosterone levels as well as the sensitivity of androgen receptors.

How Testosterone Makes Muscles Stronger:

We tend to assume many things about Testosterone, but did you know that they increase the amount of calcium released in a cell? The latter can boost muscular contractions, which has a direct relationship with the contraction force. The clich thought testosterone only increases strength and energy by increasing muscle size should be updated.

Heightened RBC levels

Also, testosterone stimulates the cell development of the red blood cells, which help transport oxygen throughout the body. With increased multiplication of red blood cells, there is more oxygen-carrying capacity within the blood, thus better functioning of the muscles.

Finally, you might have heard of the performance enhancement capacity testosterone has on the human body. It can also help one to lose weight since they are more ambitious in their workouts. All the same, there are natural ways of maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Some of these include: Drinking controllably, controlling stress, proper nutrition, and intense training.

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