How the Jewelry You Wear Can Increase Your Positivity Throughout the Day

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Jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement, it can uplift the soul and encourage positive thoughts throughout each day. By selecting jewelry pieces that not only express your style but also have personal meaning, you can inspire positivity and enthusiasm for life. 

It is important that the meanings behind your jewelry reflect your values and radiate positive vibes. Whether your cheap jewelry encapsulates a memory such as a special birthday gift or a treat from a memorable holiday, by surrounding yourself with meaningful jewelry you can feel more connected to your inner self and your loved ones.

Here are our top four jewelry styles to increase your positivity on a daily basis and embrace happiness, encouraging a bright outlook that will make you shine inside and out.  

  • Feather Jewelry 

Choose a feather jewelry piece to remind yourself that you have a free and untethered spirit. Feathers are known for their weightlessness, representing a lighter and brighter outlook on life. This makes the feather the perfect symbol for positivity, happiness, and freedom. Feathers look stunning as a simple pair of gold stud earrings, or on a long silver chain layered with other necklaces. A feather jewelry piece provides a versatile look that adds a bohemian touch to any outfit. We recommend wearing this style as a pendant to keep the meaning of the feather close to your heart. 

  • Zodiac Necklaces 

Whether you are a horoscope fiend or you’d prefer not to know what is written in your stars, zodiac and constellation jewelry remind us of the magic and mystery of astrology. A beautiful star sign necklace will help keep your stars aligned and make you feel spiritually connected to your inner self. 

Wearing your zodiac sign as jewelry will remind you of your best traits and your strengths whilst bringing positivity to your daily life. Our zodiac signs also highlight our less favorable attributes – so by recognizing our weaknesses we are able to grow, improve and learn to love ourselves for who we are. Constellation jewelry has elegance and meaning that ignites positivity through reflection, self-love, and acceptance. 

  • Healing Stones 

Healing stones and crystals are not only effortlessly bohemian, but they have healing properties that promote happiness and positivity. For positive thoughts, a purple amethyst stone is a perfect choice for a delicate crystal necklace or a statement healing stone ring. Amethyst is a calming stone that attracts positive energy and promotes balance and peace while dispelling stress and anxiety. This increases intelligence and understanding, by clearing the mind to allow better decision making. The impact that this soothing stone makes on your mindset allows for a more positive outlook on life while adding a gorgeous pop of purple to your outfits. 

  • Elephant Jewelry 

Let the positive vibes flow with an elegant elephant jewelry piece. Elephants are highly symbolic of positivity through their strength, determination and calm nature. As one of the largest, most powerful animals on earth, elephants are loved and celebrated across cultures. Increase your positivity throughout the day by accessorizing with versatile and effortless elephant jewelry. Let the attributes of the elephant inspire you to stay positive and focused while reminding you of your own wisdom and inner-strength. We recommend rocking some silver elephant stud earrings with a casual ponytail to subtly showcase this meaningful jewelry piece. 

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