How To Accentuate Your Landscape

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In today’s world, our outdoor environments are more of an extension of our home life than ever. During the day, our garden areas serve as a place where children romp and play, and where our prize roses bloom. However, with the advent of modern garden solar lighting, they can be transformed into a dreamscape of loveliness, mystery and magic during the evening hours. When it’s time for you to decide how to create your own outdoor lighting arrangements, the variety of solar lights available at can overwhelm you, so we’re going to give you some tips on becoming a master of lighting your very own landscape.

Choose Outdoor Solar Lighting

While you can purchase either electric or solar powered outdoor lighting, depending on your personal circumstances and preferences, selecting solar is the preferred route. Electric outdoor lighting requires that you have access to outdoor circuits, and must plan a starting point for your lighting. this means that you must begin your lighting near an outdoor outlet. Add to that, the complexity of adjusting and hiding the wiring. On the contrary, when you use cost effective, eco-friendly solar lighting, you are free to install individual lights where ever you see fit.

The Wonders of Wireless LED Ball Lighting

There is truly no better way to add that sense of mystery and magic to your outdoor garden, then artistically placed, wireless LED ball lighting. These lights are not only stylish, light weight and easy to arrange, but also add a touch of serene sensitivity to your landscape in the evening hours. Strategically place them in between shrubs to attain a subtle, dramatic effect. Made from rotomoulded polyethylene, these waterproof, solar powered, LED ball lights can be placed in and around your water features as well, to create an overall sensation of peacefulness and grace to your garden. Expect to enjoy the mystical effects of these spherical lights for up to 8 hours, on one single charge.

Up Lighting Using Solar Powered LED Spotlights

Up lighting has been utilised by expert landscaping architects for decades. Its primary purpose is to highlight the taller structures in your garden, such as a prized tree or elegant sculpture piece. To accomplish this unique and dramatic effect, all you need are a few high quality, solar powered, LED spotlights. LED spotlights are versatile in nature, and can function not only to illuminate your garden, but also provide much needed lighting on dark walkways, driveways, outdoor stairs and porches. These LED spotlights are designed with a solar panel which is easy to position, waterproof, and come with on and off buttons. Their polycrystalline photovoltaic panels charge during the daylight hours, and can light up the night for up to 8 hours. As they are wireless, simply stake them into the ground, wherever you see fit.

Motion Detection – Floodlights for Security

It goes without saying, that a secure home gives one peace of mind. One way to add security to your property is by placing floodlights with motion detectors near your entrance ways, pools, garage doors, outdoor buildings, dark walkways and on porches. These flood lamps come with adjustable motion detectors, separate solar panels and usually have a light capacity of 900 lumens. The solar panel for each floodlight can be positioned in an area to receive maximum exposure to the sun, which means you can place the light itself within a dark area.

The Importance of Placement

Before you go and purchase your outdoor lights, you should first consider placement, as it is placement which will determine the type of lighting effects you’ll require. The most common and useful areas for outdoor lighting include: 

  • Driveways
  • Stairways
  • Porches, decks and patios
  • Gazebos, summer houses
  • Outdoor architectural features
  • Gardens and water features

When creating that one of a kind, aesthetically pleasing look, it’s crucial to know just where to aim your lights. First and foremost, please keep them away from shining on neighbors homes, or even your own windows. Remember, the goal of artistic landscape lighting is to accentuate your garden and its structures, to create interesting shadows, highlights, and silhouettes. The lighting feature itself, is never to be the focal point. When it comes time to finding the perfect, outdoor lighting solution for your needs, allow the experienced staff of Alice’s Garden to assist you. There you’ll find just what you need to create a stylish, comfortable and welcoming home.

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