How To Add a Splash of Color To Your Garden

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Not everyone is perfectly green fingered and many of us don’t have the time to worry about whether or not we’ve missed the only time of year we can plant begonias…but if your garden is looking a little dull and you’re hoping to introduce a splash of colour and liven it up a little, especially with the warmer months fast approaching then read on for some helpful colour tips.

A burst of colour here and there doesn’t have to be an expensive investment or require days of hard work and sunny weather to accomplish, you can simply start with the basics.

Trees and plants

Yes, we said you don’t need to be green fingered, but if you want some instant colour then head to your garden nursery or even your local supermarket. Read to plant flowers and a bag of compost is all you’re going to need and maybe a few planters or tubs if you’re working with a yard area.

These garden pots and planters could even be painted bright colours to really make them pop and stand out! You could create a theme in your garden; a rainbow of colours, white and blue for a Mediterranean feel or more subtle, pastel shades.

Investing in Crape & Crepe Myrtle trees from The Tree Center is a stunning way to get the job done in an instant. With bright, bold flowers that will leave your neighbours green with envy! If anyone asks, you’re a gardening expert.

Your outdoor furniture

If you’ve got your furniture out of the shed and it’s looking a little worse for wear then don’t sweat it. Now is the perfect time to upcycle what you’ve got and fill your garden space with colour. Your tables and sitting areas are great focal points in any garden, so painting them bright colours or more pastel shades is a great way to draw attention to a particular area of your garden.

If DIY isn’t your thing then search online and see what you can find.

Paint a wall or a fence

Who said garden fences had to be brown? Or walls had to be dull? It’s your garden, so you can experiment with colour freely! A pot of paint and a few hours in the sunshine is all it takes to completely transform your garden. You could choose a colour that compliments the plants or garden furniture around it or go all out and paint something bright and vivid – the choice is yours!

Add some garden art

Garden art is built to withstand anything that Mother Nature can throw at it. And it’s a great way to add some colour.

Thinking colorful stones along your boarders, or bright paving slabs underneath your patio furniture. Gorgeous mosaic tiles by the greenhouse or see what fun and alternative ornaments you can pick up at your local nursery. If you’re feeling really adventurous then consider bringing a rug from inside to your patio area. This will look beautiful!

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