How to avoid spray tan stains?

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Ever since the invention of sunless tanning, regular tanner prefers indoor tanning over sunbathing. Besides offering a quick and easy solution to natural-looking tanned skin, indoor tanning techniques are safe and healthy. Given indoor tanning doesn’t leave one with the danger of sunburn and skin disease, most people look for spray tan beds near me.

However, spray tanning has a downside. It stains, which can be hard to remove. Luckily, there a few tricks that can ensure you have stains free tanning experience.

While spray tanning gives quick results, it takes time to set on the skin surface and dry thoroughly. So, before hurrying to get dressed after the spray tanning procedure, wait for at least 5 minutes to let the tan dry and set.

Tip #1 Wear Dark Clothes

Most first-time tanners ask if the spray tan will stain clothes. Clothes are prone to get stained due to the tan solution; thus, proper care must be taken to ensure the clothes don’t get dirty. Lighter shade clothes tend to get easily stained as compared to darker shade clothes. When you off for your tanning appointment, wear something in dark color.

Tip #2 Wear Loose Clothes

Another trick to prevent the tan solution from getting on your clothes is wearing loose-fitted clothes. Avoid tight-fitted clothes when heading for the closest tanning booth. Besides preventing your clothes from getting stained, wearing loose clothes will ensure you have an even tan.

Tip #3 Avoid Showering

Sweating and showering are something one must avoid if they are back from the tanning salon. Sweat or water can make your tan color come off and stain your clothes. It’s best not to hit the gym or do any physical activity. In summers, it’s impossible to prevent sweating; besides, many people sweat unusually a lot. In such a case, use baby powder to keep the skin from sweating. For at least 24 hours from getting the spray tan, avoid the shower.

Tip #4 Cover yourself with Umbrella

Carrying an umbrella on a clear sky may seem off to people, but it’s best to prepare for unannounced summer showers. Rain can ruin your tan as well as make a mess of your favorite dress. Whenever you are out and about, carry an umbrella with you.

Tip #5 Don’t Rush the Process

Undoubtedly, sunless tanning is quick, but the spray tan solution requires enough time to set on the skin and work its magic. It takes around eight hours for the spray tan to develop. Hence, you must be very careful until the solution doesn’t completely set. Time your tanning schedule according to your sleep time to avoid accidentally ruining your tan. When sleeping on your tan, use darker color sheets.

Tip #6 Use Good Quality Tan Products

Using quality tan products is key to getting better tanning results. There are plenty of tanning solutions that offer premium quality tanning solutions. Always take your skin tone and complexion into consideration when getting a tan. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you consult your beautician for the best tanning option.

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