How To Be The Best In Scoping

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You may be equipped out with all the best stuff PUBG has to offer, but you won’t get a Chicken Dinner anytime soon without the ability to aim at targets  and fairly fast knock them down. Part of the trouble with PUBG is that the game ‘s speed is not inherently essential for improving your target, particularly because there are no deathmatch servers explicitly designed to use a wide variety of weapons to practice your shot.

The vast number of weapons, accessories, firing modes and patterns of recoil will make it easier to shoot relatively unforgiving. A lack of respawns also means you only have a very small time before being taken out to potentially practice shooting enemies in various situations.

Scope Tips

The illustration below by the iamAXO from reddit illustrates precisely how to use the scope when targeting various ranges of enemies.

  • 100m – Tip of the chevron.
  • 200m – Bottom of the chevron.
  • 300m – Top of the line.
  • 400m, 500m, 600m – First notch, second notch and third notch on the line respectively.

How to hit moving targets 

One of the trickiest things to master in PUBG is landing shots on moving targets and something that can really be frustrating, particularly if you have the drop on your opponent, only to start missing all your shots!

The first thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is distance, but how do you measure how far away your target is when under pressure? You can not simply pull out a ruler, so getting this right is mostly up to your own instincts-the more you practice, the better your decision will be.

Still, here are some basic and logical tips for a successful gameplay:

  1. Different weapons have different velocities of the bullets, and this is another aspect that you want to remember. Of course, the above approach works well for any long-range firearm, even if you may have to do some adjustment here and there to land those shots.
  1. Imagine there is one person just ahead of them when facing a target that is about 100 m away, and shoot this position.
  1. For opponents 200 m away, have two imaginary people lead your aim.

How to aim better

It ‘s important you have the right mouse settings. Take your DPI level, mouse acceleration and general game sensitivity settings into consideration to find a balance that is right for you. 

Rather than shying away from battling or playing it comfortably, be violent and chase challenges while you are trying to move towards your target. Even if you end up losing the vast majority of duels, this is one of the best ways to improve your targeting for quick fire, and you’ll gradually become more comfortable with many of the weapons on offer.

Try to have several quick-fire rounds where you are constantly searching for firefights to get into. Land for some vigorous action right from the start in populated areas such as Pochinki, School, Los Leones, Hacienda Del Patron or any other big town or city.

More PUBG Tips you can find on TWIFT.

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