How to Be Vegan on a College Student Budget

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Being a vegan is a lifestyle. It requires a lot of effort to stay vegan. In particular, it is a stricter form of being a vegetarian. A vegan usually eats anything that is not from or extracted from animals. These food types include:

  • Vegetables;
  • Fruits;
  • Dairy alternatives;
  • Seeds and nuts.

As such, it follows that being a vegan may cost a lot of money. It can be challenging and expensive for students to remove animal extract from their meals. Nonetheless, doing this is still possible. In this article, you will learn how to be vegan on a college student budget.

Avoid Shopping While Starving

As a vegan, you need to shop objectively. You want all your senses to be kicking when selecting what you wish to purchase. Therefore, avoid shopping while starving. Doing this can push you to buy things that are outside your budget. You may even end up purchasing food that contains animal parts. You will want to go shopping when you are full to ensure healthy eating. Likewise, you can opt for online shopping when you are relaxed and in control of your impulses.

Avoid Ready-made Foods

It may feel tempting to buy ready-made vegan foods. However, such meals are costly. You can quickly spend hundreds of dollars on a month’s food. Also, an alternative is to purchase individual ingredients. You get to prepare your desired food at a cheaper rate.

Consider Frozen Items

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best options for you. Yet, these foodstuffs are expensive. Therefore, you may want to take advantage of frozen alternatives. Frozen vegetables and fruits are usually cheaper than fresh ones.

Buy a Lot of an Item

Buying one item can be expensive. However, purchasing a lot of items can be cheaper. Therefore, you will want to buy food items in bulk. It is a good idea to look for bargains and discounts. You can keep such things in storage or freezers to increase their lifespan.

Speaking of a bargain, you will want to bulk purchase those cheap food items or ingredients with a long shelf life. Doing this helps you save a lot of money in the long run.

Avoid Animal Alternatives

You may think animal alternatives are a good option. However, such alternatives are expensive. It will save a lot of money preparing such foods rather than purchasing them.

vegan food

Explore International Shops

Buying certain items in mainstream shops can be expensive. So, an option to explore is international shops. These types of stores primarily sell food and ingredients from a specific location. Hence, you can quickly end up saving a lot of money. While exploring international shops, check out new GrabMyEssay reviews. Using this service can improve your academic output.

Select Shop’s Brands

Most vegan stores have several versions of a single product. Popular brands make the most expensive options. Likewise, the cheapest are usually those branded by the parent shop. Therefore, it may be beneficial to purchase a shop’s brand when buying vegan food.

Patronize Local Markets

Products from shops and superstores can be quite expensive. The high price tag is primarily due to several overheads. You can save a lot of money by buying fresh products from local open markets. In addition, you will be helping a local business grow.

Eat Leftovers

Most people throw out leftovers. You are able to save a lot of money by eating leftovers rather than disposing of them. You can cook a large meal, which you can eat multiple times.

Freeze Certain Foods

Freezing certain foods can be beneficial. So, you may try freezing seasonal foods for use later on in the year. Doing this helps you save money. It also helps you maintain a vegan lifestyle.


Living as a vegan while studying can be costly. Therefore, you will want to work on a budget. We hope our tips will help with saving money while being a vegan.

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Andrew Mazur is a nutritionist that writes. He creates articles and blog posts for several online platforms. Similarly, Andrew delivers in-person talks to students.

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