How To Become Certified With Advanced Bio Treatment?

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Cleaning up a death scene, crime scene, or any hazardous place can be a daunting task as you need to disinfect all the dangerous biological residue. When unqualified people try to do the cleaning independently, they might not restore a commercial or residential place to its normal condition again. 

Especially after accidents, crimes, trauma, or deaths, the mess is almost impossible to clean by the affected person’s families. Advanced Bio Treatment is a professional death and crime scene cleanup company with 15 years of experience cleaning the aftermath of a murder, accident, or unattended death. 

Working With A Crime Scene Cleanup Company 

Advanced Bio Treatment is always looking for professional and compassionate technicians to add to their team. If you are looking for full-time employment that is both rewarding and challenging, you might be the right fit to join the team of ABT crime scene technicians.

You don’t need a national certification when you want to work with a crime scene cleanup agency. Most of the technicians undergo the training offered by their employer. If you are looking forward to becoming certified with Advanced Bio Treatment, you need to have the below-mentioned skills. 

A Steady And Daring Mindset: 

Remember, you will be working for a crime scene cleanup company which may require you to deal with biohazard removals like suicides, unattended deaths, homicides, and other traumatic cases. It would be best if you are ready to face certain situations and work professionally without getting overwhelmed.


It is a basic skill required for any job profile. You need to have at least a high-school degree, preferably graduation, to join a crime scene cleanup business. However, a reputable company like Advanced Bio Treatment does not require any previous training or certification done in this field. They will provide the training if you are selected for the position. 

Work Experience: 

You can apply for the position of crime scene cleanup as a fresher. You will receive the required training and further work experience to add to your profile once you have worked for a long time. However, if you have previous experience dealing with customers and providing a friendly and professional service, your candidature will be preferred over the other applicants. If you need blood clean up services, check no further.

Personal Background:

As a crime scene technician, you need to be physically fit because things can often be strenuous. There will be many manual labor jobs like long cleaning sessions, moving furniture, disposing of things, etc. ABT always checks for clean criminal records, and you need to pass a drug test also. Most importantly, you need to be available overnight since this is a highly demanding job, and you need to join within short notice.

No Guaranteed Duty Hours

An accident or murder can happen at any time. You need to understand your job’s demand. Also, your employer cannot provide any guaranteed duty timings, and work duration might also vary. You need to be available on call seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.

Driving Records

You need to show a legitimate driving license and a satisfactory driving record to be qualified for the crime scene cleaner’s job. This is because there may be a lot of driving to the places you need to clean up.

Computer And Smartphone Literacy

All applicants must have the basic computer knowledge to be eligible to work with Advanced Bio Treatment. You should have a basic understanding of using a computer because you might need to do paperwork from the corporate office. Also, you need to own a smartphone with a decent camera to click the site’s photos and send them to the main office. 

Transport Convenience Is Required 

Crime or death scene cleaning job is a highly demanding job. Once you are working with an agency like ABT, you need to reach their facility office instantly after being called up. You need to leave for the job within 30 minutes of receiving the call from your head office. 


If you are interested in joining Advanced Bio Treatment as a crime scene cleaner, you need to have all the aforementioned qualities before applying for the role. Also, check their clients’ reviews to know about the company’s track record. Do your homework well before applying for this challenging yet fulfilling job. Visit their website and apply via the email address mentioned on the website. Many people apply for a job with Advanced Bio Treatment every year, so be well prepared to crack the job.  

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