How to Break in Basketball Shoes

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A basketball player feels great at the purchase of a fresh pair of outdoor basketball shoes. The market is full of shoes from different brands. They make the players want to start playing on the court as soon as possible.

According to most players, breaking into new outdoor basketball shoes is not an effortless task. It takes some time to feel the comfort most players demand. Here we will tell you a few ways of breaking into the new basketball shoes. They will eradicate pain, suffering and help you get onto the court in a lot easier way.

  • Initially wear your new shoes at home. You can also wear them while walking and jogging.
  • Don’t wear your shoes for a longer time on the first day. Gradually increase the time to 10 and 20 minutes. Wearing the shoes continuously for a period of three days will make them soft and comfortable.
  • If you are a busy person and hardly get time to stay at home, then, in that case, try to wear your new shoes at the workplace for a few days before hitting the court.
  • Get into your shoes with socks substantial and thick in the material. It will ward off any kinds of sores.
  • Lace your shoes properly. It will not only strengthen your performance on the court but also add comfort to your feet.
  • Wear your new sport shoes with a pair of thick socks. Take 20 to 30 seconds of heat with the help of a blow dryer. Repeat the process if needed. When the shoe feels a little bit looser take the socks off. Try to walk instantly after giving heat.
  • Fill a plastic bag with water and set it in your shoe. Put your shoe in the freezer over night. Take it out in the morning and wait for some time. This method is great at expanding your new shoe.
  • Use a shoe stretcher. It will free up half an inch of the space in your new shoe to make it flexible and comfortable.
  • Buy a potato from a grocery store. Peel it with a knife and place it inside your shoe. It is also a wonderful method for stretching.
  • Buy a shoe stretching spray from the market. Shake the spray bottle and spray on the area (inside and outside) you want to expand. It will instantly stretch and soften your shoe after applying.
  • Go to a cobbler if you do not find any of our above methods useful.

Avoid using these Methods on your New Basketballs Shoes

Some methods you should avoid using on your new basketball shoes are as under:

  • Don’t use a hammer. Using a hammer will contort the shape, padding, and design of your shoes.
  • Try not to pour liquor on your shoes. It will deteriorate the color and leave marks.
  • It is a myth that buying basketball shoes of bigger size breaks in sooner.
  • Buy a size that is perfect for your feet.
  • Don’t buy a shoe just by looking at the design and price. Always buy according to your foot shape and comfort level.
  • All basketball shoes come with sturdy material. Always give enough time for breaking process.
  • Don’t stay barefoot before hitting the court. It induces discomfort in the feet which can seriously affect your performance in the long run. Get a comfortable pair of slippers for home.
  • Buy shoes with insoles. They function as a pad for your feet.
  • Stop wearing the shoes the moment they get holes or torn up.

Final Verdict

Breaking in your new basketball shoes requires time, exertion, and core interest. It will be best if you buy your shoes two weeks before the main event. Try to devote all your time to the shoes so that they become fit for the tournament.

Besides, we have examined each and everything as on how to break in basketball shoes inside a two weeks time span. Try these methods the moment you buy your shoes. These methods will surely make your feet viable with the new shoes soon. For more shoes related articles you can also visit:

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