How to Bring that Smoky Flavor to Your Home-cooked Meals

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There’s no doubt that homemade meals are the healthiest and most cost-effective. Taste is the main reason why people prefer a meal to another. So by the time you are making your meal, ensure that it is tasty. In this way, you and your family will enjoy the meal you prepared. The more you cook, the more you enhance your cooking skills.

The flavor of your food is another important element when it comes to preparing homemade meals. The flavor brings out the taste. To prepare a tasty meal, high-quality ingredients are preferred. You don’t necessarily need to break a bank to prepare good food as you can use cheaper alternatives for the expensive ingredients. It’s also essential to properly take care of your food storage because poor storage could destroy the quality and flavor of your meal.

Smoky flavor seems to be the most popular flavor everyone is familiar with, as many people love to consume smoky foods on the streets. The problem they face is how to bring that smoky flavor to their home-cooked meals. If you are one of such people, count yourself lucky, as this article is aimed at solving that age-long kitchen challenge. You can enhance the flavor of your food by adding grilled fish, meat, or poultry to your meal. This technique will help to turn the meat brown and add a smoky flavor to your homemade meal. To enjoy that smoky flavor you don’t have to go through the stress of flakes, charcoal, and smoke. 

We’ve carefully explained below ways you can bring the smoky flavors of your home-cooked meals.

Use of Indoor Electric Smokers – Oven

If most of your meals revolve around smoking foods like barbeque, you should dip your hands in your pocket to buy an indoor smoker to make smoky flavor whenever the need arises. There many electric smokers out there that are not overly expensive. According to this article, to pick the best electric smokers, it is important for you to read a couple of reviews online to help make your choice. You can also talk to your friends and family who have used a smoker to give you recommendations. Indoor smokers, such as ovens, use soaked wood chips. Soak wood chips in water and put in the same oven as your fish, poultry or meats, the smoke from the soaked wood chips are then absorbed into your chicken or meat as they cook. And voila! You now have a smoky flavor.

Use of Bacon

Bacon comes in different styles and can be utilized in several recipes. A well-smoked bacon will transfer that smoky flavor to your meal. Bear in mind that smoked bacon brings out the best in every meal.

Use Liquid Smoke

This is one of the easiest ways to add smoke flavor to your homemade meals. Liquid smoke is used as a marinade while preparing different foods. This ingredient is made by condensing and cooling the smoke from burning wood chips.

Smoked Tea Lapsang Souchong Tea

Often called Lapsang Souchong Tea, this is a well-known way to get a smoky flavor linked with the grill. It is often utilized to flavor dishes of vegetarians. This tea originated in the Asian country of China and is regarded as the first tea in history by some people.

Black Treacle

Also known as Molasses, it is best known as an ingredient for baking. It is used in several dishes to add a smoky flavor. Foods such as barbeque sauce contain this substance to offer them their smoky taste. When you use it to spice up your dishes, you can achieve the smoky and delicious taste linked to these foods.

Use Smoked Spices

Everyone uses salts, spices and maybe herbs to add flavor to dishes. Some spices, such as paprika, are smoked. This is to add a different dimension to homemade meals. You can decide to buy spices that come with additional flavor, or you may smoke on your own for a fresh taste.

Wrap Up

Aside from all the methods mentioned above, bringing the heat to your vegetables and fruits can stress their naturally sweet flavor and taste. During the winter, it might be too cold for anyone to go out and grill, but that doesn’t stop you from serving that delicious and smoky food. As explained above, there are a lot of means to achieve smoky flavors in your homemade dishes, from spices to equipment and methods of cooking. Try out any of these methods and enjoy that smoky flavor without smoking up your beautiful kitchen.

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