How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth: A Pet Owner Guide

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Dogs and other canine animals get victimized of dental disease more frequently. It is estimated that almost two-thirds of dogs have dental health issues.

Not to worry, as this disease is ranked as the most treatable and preventable disease. Therefore, there is a number of ways that can reduce the likelihood of catching this disease. 

Among the list, regular tooth brushing is at the top. Here I am presenting you the steps of brushing your dog’s teeth in the most convenient manner.

  1. Choose a Specific Time

Set up a daily routine for brushing teeth of your dog. It is suggested to brush the teeth daily, but three times a week would also work if they possess greater oral health.

Choosing a specific time is necessary, as your dog may resist brushing. Please do not choose the time of the day, when they are tired or aggressive.

But, remember that brushing is necessary to save them from painful infections and diseases.     

  1. Gather all the Stuff

Before going any further collect all the necessary items for dog’s brushing. It would help if you used special toothbrush for dogs, the bristle is soft and specially angled.

Suppose you have a puppy or a dog breed weight less than 30 pounds than you can use a finger brush. Remember not to use human toothpaste it contain ingredients that may hurt your dog’s digestive tract.

Wide range of flavors is available in toothpaste, select the one that is your dog’s favorite.

  1. Comfort your position

Make sure to choose a comfortable position, do not stand or hold your dog down. Remember not to make a threatening position that may scare your dog. 

The best position is to sit down in front of them on your knees.

Do not increase their anxiety level; try to gauge it by listening to music or giving a chew toy if your dog seems aggressive or upset stop aggression and try later. 

Accept that you won’t do it perfectly in the first time, learn sequentially and patiently.   

  1. Put the finger in mouth

It is recommended to check your dog’s willingness to brush priory. 

Put your index finger in dog’s mouth and rub it gently against upper gum and teeth.

Do not apply to much pressure; it is just to make them familiar with the brush feeling. It may require more than one session for them to get comfortable with brushing.  

  1. A taste test of Toothpaste

Take some toothpaste on your hand and make your dog lick the toothpaste. 

Let them be familiar with the taste and texture of the toothpaste. Continue the process for a few days, if your dog refuses to lick the toothpaste after a few days, try a new flavor.,format&fit=max

Try to find a flavor that is similar to your dog’s favorite treat.  

  1. Try the brush

When your dog is familiar with the finger and has tasted the toothpaste, it’s time to try brushing.

Image result for brushing dog's teeth

Make a comfortable position; lift the upper lip, and place the toothbrush at a 45° angle. Slowly start moving toothbrush, let the bristles massage the gum line and remove plaque.   

  1. Brush in a circular motion

Brush in a circular motion, move your hand up and down on each side. Gums may bleed a little bit, and it is normal.

But, if the gums bleed heavily, it means that either you have brushed too aggressively or your dog has gum disease. Ask your vet if bleeding is continuous.  

  1. Focus on plague

Try to brush a few teeth at a time. Work on a specific set of teeth each day; try to brush continuously for two minutes. 

It would help if you brushed canine and back teeth at the priority, because this place may deposit more plaque.

The tongue keeps the internal area clean, so no need to stress out if you can’t reach there. See the above illustration of teeth arrangement prepares adapted from coursework writing service UK.   

  1. The reward at the end

Make it a fun activity for your pet rather than a stressful session. Keep on talking with them throughout the session.

As per Dissertation Assistance, don’t forget to give them a treat after the session ends. Be a gentle pet owner while brushing their teeth doesn’t stress out the event.   

Wrapping it up

Being a pet owner bring lots of responsibilities. You have to take their proper care. Brushing their teeth is a regular hygiene maintaining habit. 

Do tell me if the above-mentioned steps helped you in brushing your dog’s teeth for the first time.   

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