How to Buy the Right Crib Mattress

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Designing the nursery is one of the most delightful parts of expecting a baby. You already know the color of the walls, the design style for the furniture items, and the model of the crib. Now you have to choose a mattress and you do not know what features are important, and what considerations you should keep in mind. If it would be to purchase a mattress for your bed, it would be simple, because you would choose the most comfortable one, but crib mattresses are more difficult to select. 

Because safety is a top priority when selecting a crib mattress, federal regulations have established the standards all products should meet. If the crib does not come with a mattress here is how to select one.

Start with the measurements

The crib mattress should be no more than 6 inches thick, at least 51 ¼ inches long, and 27 ¼ inches wide. This type of mattress will safely fit the crib and protect the baby from hazardous situations. 

If you opt for a non-standard crib then the above dimensions can vary. If you prefer a mini-crib or a round one, make sure to check the dimensions listed on the assembly instructions. The general rule when you install the mattress is that there should not be a gap of more than a half inch at any side.

Firmness is important

The golden rule is that the firmer is the mattress, the better. A soft sleeping surface can create a suffocating environment for the infant and it can boost the risk of SIDS. When you check mattresses at your local store, you should test them with your hand. Press the mattress at the edges and in the center; after you release it, the fabric should go back immediately to its initial form. Don’t buy it if it doesn’t meet this condition. You should purchase the most sturdy crib mattress, according to

Duration of use

You will find on the market reversible crib mattresses; they have a firm side for infants and a softer one for toddlers. If the crib is large enough for the baby to feel comfortable even when they grow older, you should opt for this model. Before flipping it to the other side, you should ask your pediatrician for advice; they will tell you when it’s safe to do it. 

If you plan to have other children, it’s advisable to invest in a mattress with a long-term warranty. A high-quality one will maintain its features and will serve your other babies just right. 

Don’t forget about the price

When buying a mattress, you don’t want to cut corners but you also don’t want to spend the entire budget for this piece. If you want a model made entirely from organic materials, you will probably spend more than $200. It’s important to check if the one you buy has a CertiPUR-US certificate and if there were used any chemical substances when it was manufactured. If it meets these requirements then it will be good, no matter its price. 

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