How to Buy the Right Induction Cooking Range

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Whether you are moving to a new space or just remodeling your existing one, kitchen interiors remain one of the most integral components of modern interior design. There was a time when the kitchen was merely a utility space where you would prepare meals. However, today kitchen spaces hold significant value and it is considered important to design it in a manner that it does not only looks beautiful and is practical, but it should be able to make your entire cooking process enjoyable and easy.

People who have a love for cooking, culinary or even interior designing take a keen interest in designing the kitchen in the right manner. Unlike other areas of the house that are mainly decorated with furnishings, the kitchen is heavily dominated by appliances and cooking ware. In fact, the right appliances are an important design element in your kitchen unless they rest in closed cabinets after use.

One of the most dominating features of any kitchen is cooking ranges. Many modern kitchen designs prefer induction ranges over conventional cooking ranges. Induction ranges have a design edge over the conventional ones and they blend in easily with the modern kitchen designs.

Besides that, since induction ranges rely on electricity, they are considered to be more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. However, many people are still new to buying induction ranges since there are quite a few different types available in the market and often get confused about how to choose the right cooking range. Even if you know which one is the best induction range available in the market, it is important to know what factors to consider when choosing an induction range or induction cooktops for your kitchen.

The Right Type of Design

Induction ranges are typically available in three styles: Slide-in range, Freestanding range, and Cooktop ranges. When choosing your style of ranges factor in the look you want to go for and the space and dynamics of your kitchen. If you want a contemporary look and want to make your kitchen look more spacious, a Slide-In range is a good option. This design gives a built-in effect and the control panel is at the front so it is great for smaller spaces. Freestanding ones, on the other hand, can work as stand-alone units. Although they might use up some space they are more cost-effective than the former. If you already have a wall-mounted oven, you can let the two options pass and pick the cooktop variant. Like any other cooktop, induction cooktop can easily be installed on your countertop.

The Right Finish

Induction ranges are available in Stainless Steel finish and Black Stainless Steel finish. Although there is no difference between the two as far as the functionality is concerned, however, Black stainless steel is great for more modern looks. Pick the one that blends well with your overall interior.

Magnet Test

It is important to know that your regular cookware may not be compatible with your induction ranges and therefore you will need to buy a separate set of cookware that is compatible with your new cooking range. The best way to check the compatibility is to run a magnet test. If the magnet gets attracted to the cookware, it will work well with the induction cooking range.

If you are into a restaurant or food truck business then a commercial-grade induction cooktop is preferable.  Please check this best commercial induction cooktop reviews.

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