How to Cancel a Domino’s Order in an Easy Way

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How to Cancel a Domino's Order in an Easy Way

To cancel a Domino’s order, start by opening the Domino’s app or visiting their website. Navigate to the “My Orders” section, select the order you want to cancel, and follow the prompts to cancel it. Alternatively, you can call Domino’s customer care at 1800 208 1234 and request a cancellation. Provide your order details for verification, and the customer care representative will assist you in cancelling your order. Once your order is cancelled, any payment made will be refunded to your original payment method. Domino’s strives to make the cancellation process quick and hassle-free for customers.

Using the Domino’s App

In the event that you’ve set your arrange utilizing the Domino’s versatile app, take after these steps to cancel it:

  • Open the Domino’s app on your versatile device.
  • Navigate to the “My Orders” area to see your later orders.
  • Locate the arrangement you would like to cancel and select the “Cancel Arrange” option.
  • Follow the on-screen information to affirm the cancellation.

Your arrangement will be cancelled, and any instalment made will be discounted to your unique instalment strategy.

Contacting Customer Care

Reaching Domino’s client care could be a clear alternative for cancelling your arrangement. Begin by dialling 1800 208 1234 and wait for a client care agent to reply. Once associated, educate the agent simply would like to cancel your arrange and give them along with your arrange points of interest, such as the arrange number and your contact data, for confirmation purposes. 

The agent will at that point handle your cancellation request and give you a confirmation.

It’s vital to note that the discount prepare may change depending on your installment strategy. In case you paid online or through the app, the discount will regularly be prepared back to your unique installment strategy. In any case, in case you paid in cash at the time of conveyance, the discount handle may involve providing your bank account subtle elements for the discount to be handled. Client care agents are prepared to help you with any inquiries or concerns you will have with respect to your arrange cancellation and discount.

Step 1: Cancel a Domino’s Order Through the App

The foremost clear way to cancel a Domino’s arrange is through the portable app. Take after these steps:

Download and log into the Domino’s App.

  • Use the same account you made the arrangement with.
  • Navigate to “My Orders.”
  • Select the later dynamic order.
  • Select “Cancel” on the Arrange Status page.
  • Choose the “Client Care” chatbot interface.
  • Type “Cancel My Arrange” and yield.

Step 2: Cancel a Domino’s Order Online

You’ll too cancel your Domino’s arrangement online, but this strategy may be less dependable in coming to the store in time. Take after these steps:

  • Log into the Domino’s website.
  • Navigate to “My Orders.”
  • Examine the Arrange Status of your most later order.
  • Select ‘Cancel’ from the live arrange.

Step 3: Cancel a Domino’s Order Over the Phone

Interests, the foremost dependable way to cancel a Domino’s pizza arrangement is to call your nearby shop. On the off chance that you call the eatery and tell them which order to cancel, they’ll more often than not scrap it for you unless the pizza is as of now on the street with a driver. Take after these steps:

  • Look up the shop you requested from.
  • Call their neighbourhood number.
  • Give your title and inquire to cancel your arrangement.

Reasons for Order Cancellation by Domino’s

It’s vital to note that Domino’s saves the proper to cancel an arrange beneath certain circumstances, including:

  • Abusive conveyance address.
  • Customer blacklisting.
  • Hoax orders using the customer’s number.
  • Inability to associate with the customer.
  • Undeliverable orders due to erroneous address or client inaccessibility.

Potential Problems When Cancelling a Domino’s Order

Potential Issues When Cancelling a Dominos Order What issues might you run into when attempting to cancel a Domino’s arrangement? The foremost likely situation, in case you delay your cancellation, is that the pizza is already on the street. It is less likely that you just will receive a cancellation or a refund in case the pizza makes it to your house some time recently you’ll be able cancel. You will moreover discover that Domino’s is encountering specialised challenges. The app and site don’t continuously work, which implies you may need to call the store straightforwardly to cancel your arrangement.

How to Request a Refund From Domino’s for a Cancelled Order

How to Ask a Discount From Domino’s for a Cancelled Order If you cancelled the arrangement but still got charged, you’ll ask a discount through the credit card company for administrations not rendered. Essentially let the credit card company know that the charge from Domino’s isn’t legitimate, and they will most likely discount you the cash. On the off chance that your Domino’s is on the level, they will affirm that your arrangement was never completed or conveyed.

Refund Process

On the off chance that you’ve paid for your arrangement employing a computerised instalment strategy, Domino’s will issue a discount inside 5-7 working days of arrangement cancellation. The discount will be credited to your unique instalment method.

In conclusion, cancelling a Domino’s arrangement may be a clear preparation that can be done through the app, site, or customer care. By taking after the steps sketched out in this article, you’ll cancel your arrangement effortlessly and get a discount in case pertinent. In the event that you’ve got any advance questions or require help, feel free to reach out to Domino’s client care.


In conclusion, cancelling a Domino’s arrangement can be a clear preparation on the off chance that you take after the given steps. Whether you select to cancel through the domino’s app, online, or over the phone, the key is to act instantly to dodge any complications. In the event that you are experiencing any issues amid the cancellation, do not waver to reach out to Domino’s client for assistance. They are there to assist resolve any concerns you will have. Keep in mind, botches happen, and Domino’s gets it that plans can alter. 

By being proactive and communicating you’ve got to cancel, you’ll guarantee a smooth encounter. So, another time you discover yourself requiring to cancel a Domino’s arrangement, rest guaranteed that it can be done without stretch. Appreciate your pizza-free evening, knowing that you’ve effectively explored the cancellation prepare.

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