How to Carefully Prepare Wgyu Beef for Your Family

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Wgyu Beef

Originally, wagyu beef was perfected and nurtured in Japan. This type of beef is highly desirable and held in high regard among beef and culinary experts. So if you want to learn how to properly cut wagyu beef and carefully prepare it read on.

Many different ways are widely accepted to cook wagyu, in this article we will go over how the Japanese prepared it by cutting smaller pieces. We will also discuss how the American version is cooked and we’ll explore a few other options.

Size it up – know how much you will need

Wagyu steaks are very high in quality. They are ridden with flavor and edible fat. Making them a lot more filling. This is one of the reasons why the Japanese prepare it and serve it in tiny pieces. It can fill you up.

Its richness can be overwhelming, so it’s important to get a normal size, with a standard thickness that can easily serve 2 to 3 people. If you plan to eat it by yourself, cut the meat down to smaller edible portions and put the other pieces away to eat and prepare at a later time.

Ways to prepare a wagyu steak for eating

When you first buy your wagyu steak, it’s probably going to be frozen. You’re going to need to defrost it, from the fridge in its package. This process can take about 48 hours. Make sure you don’t defrost it using a microwave or at room temperature because it will compromise the integrity of the meat and you could lose fat and flavour.

Trim it

Once your steak is completely thawed, it’s a good idea to remove it from the package. If the cut has a nice strip of fat on it, you should trim it off a bit and place it in the refrigerator so you can use it to oil up a pan in the future. On fatty steaks, it’s always a good idea to trim off the fat strips to use on other things too. 

Salt your steak

When you salt your meat it tenderizes it. It does this by extracting moisture from the steak, dissolving it, and then diffusing it back into the steak. The more you keep the steak salted for a duration of time the better the effects of this method. To achieve the best tenderizing effect, you should salt your steak from 40 minutes or 2 to 3 days before you cook it. This will guarantee you the best results.

Dry aging wagyu

Dry aging is a method that decreases the measure of moisture in beef to get a richer, full-bodied flavor. Some culinary artists dry it for 1 to 2 weeks before cutting. That said, you can experiment further with your cut. Just make sure you are doing it correctly. 

The normal fridge in your kitchen won’t do the trick. And besides, no one wants wagyu that tastes like an onion cut in half or left in your fridge for too long.

The bottom line

Once you are ready to cook, take your steak out of the fridge so that you can bring it to room temperature. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes for steaks, depending on the thickness of the cut, just to be on the safe side. Simply leave it out for about 2 hours before you cook it. Then you are good to go.

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