How to Choose a Juicer For Your Home

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Natural juices are a delicious and healthy product that not only saves you from thirst and brings pleasure, but also supports our health and even helps to cure many diseases.

Juices are useful for everyone, they enter a person’s life from the first months of life, they are found in most diets. But the quality of a store-bought drink can be disappointing. Therefore, sooner or later, the decision comes to acquire your own juicer. Here the question arises – which unit to choose among the many types of offered goods. Let’s try to figure it out.

Since the juicing process does not have to be difficult, the juicer must combine functionality, quality, compactness and ease of assembly and cleaning after use. But first of all, you need to decide what kind of juice it is purchased for, since all juicers can be divided into two groups – for citrus fruits and universal ones.

Citrus Juicers

You can get freshly squeezed juice from citrus fruits using both the simplest and modern expensive models. But it should be borne in mind that this type of juice does not retain its useful qualities for a long time and you need to drink it immediately after preparation. Therefore, containers sold with such units have a volume of no more than half a liter. Best juicer for citrus, in turn, are divided into mechanical and electrical.

The simplest representatives of this group are hand-made constructions, consisting of a stand with a cone on it. An orange or tangerine is cut in half and put on the cone with the pulp to it. The juice is squeezed out using rotational movements and pressing force of the hand. An improved version of the model is an electric juicer, called a citrus press, in which a half of the fruit is also pushed onto a cone and held by hand, but the cone rotates itself when the unit is plugged into the network. When buying such a juicer, you should check the availability of attachments of different sizes in order to be able to get juice not only from oranges, lemons and tangerines, but also from larger grapefruits or pamelos. But the dimensions of the slots on the nozzle are responsible for the consistency of the juice, and if you want to receive juices of different thicknesses, then you need to choose a model, having a nozzle with the ability to adjust the size of the slots. The reverse function is also useful to help you get more juice. The power of such electrical units is small – from twenty to eighty kW, but it is quite enough for processing delicate citrus fruits.

Auger units, according to the principle of operation and outwardly similar to a meat grinder. Fruits are laid in the upper hole, and at the bottom there are two holes: the first for the juice outlet, and the second for the squeezed cake. The body and auger can be made of metal or plastic. Naturally, metal ones are more durable, and also cope with squeezing juice better and faster, but they have a higher price.

Expert tip: When choosing a juicer, it doesn’t hurt to consider carefully whether it has too narrow and hard-to-reach grooves that will be difficult to clean and they will accumulate dirt.

How to Choose a Versatile Juicer?

A versatile or centrifugal juicer is suitable for juicing citrus fruits or any other fruit. She will cope not only with soft fruits, for example, apples and pears, or berries, but even with hard vegetables – carrots, beets. Citrus fruits must be peeled and seeds before being processed in such a juicer. When choosing a universal model, you need to carefully read the instructions with the list of fruits processed by it, since their list may have limitations, and if you dream of juices of any possible types, then it is better to look for a juicer that processes various fruits

By the type of centrifuge, conical and cylindrical are distinguished. Each of the options has pros and cons. So, a juicer with a cylindrical separator will squeeze out more juice from the fruit than with a cylindrical one, but it will quickly clog up. You will have to clean it often, after every three to four glasses of squeezed juice. The conical sorts the cake itself, but it cannot squeeze out the juice as much as possible, its efficiency is much lower.


The power can be from two hundred to eight hundred kilowatts and in fact it does not exist above this indicator, that is, if a higher figure is indicated in the attached documents, this is a deception. But eight hundred kilowatts is enough to get juice from any kind of fruit.

The duration of the cycle of continuous operation is different for different models. Juicers are available that can run continuously for ten minutes, which, in principle, is enough for juicing in moderate amounts. But if you plan to harvest juices for the winter, then it is better to choose a model with a longer period – at least twenty minutes. There are advanced models equipped with a fan and a self-cleaning system that can work without stopping for an unlimited time.

Speed ??controller – a characteristic designed to change the speed of rotation of the centrifuge when processing different types of fruits. For example, soft berries or pears require a low speed, while hard vegetables require a high speed. But it must be borne in mind that at a low speed, the juice will be slightly less, and at a high speed, the juice will be with the addition of pulp. It is better to choose a unit with a possible maximum speed of eight to ten thousand revolutions per minute.

The stop-drop function, although not of primary importance, is a nice addition to keep the area around the juicer clean after work. Considering that the juice is quickly absorbed, but very poorly washed off, the presence of such an opportunity can be very pleasing.

Also a plus is the presence of a defamer, which makes it possible to obtain transparent clean juice without foam.

The existing removable container for cake will free you from the obligation to disassemble the unit and remove waste from there. It is enough just to remove the container, discard the cake from it, put it back and continue working.

Expert advice! More weight is a good indicator – the juicer will be more stable.

Manufacturing Material

When buying a juicer, it is better to opt for a model with a high-quality stainless steel casing and separator mesh. Such a unit will last a long time, and the material of manufacture does not cause allergic reactions and oxidative processes. The plastic elements of the unit must be made of high-quality glossy plastic that is resistant to mechanical stress. The plastic must be odorless.


Juicers have various options for available attachments, graters, cleaning brushes, and may have different types of containers. Having defined your needs, you can easily choose the appropriate option.

Choosing a Manufacturer

Foreign juicers differ from Russian ones in more beautiful design and compactness, but lack the ability to process such a huge amount of raw materials as our domestic ones. For gardeners and those who roll up cans of delicious homemade juice in the fall, it is recommended to opt for a domestic machine. Although it will not decorate the interior of the kitchen, it will make a louder noise during operation, but it will immediately give out up to fifty liters of juice, which is unthinkable for imported counterparts.

Price Category

As the well-known proverb says – a miser pays twice, so you shouldn’t choose the cheapest product, especially when it comes to household appliances. Having bought a cheap model, you will soon find that it does not perform its task at the proper level, or it will break down completely or require repair. Of the most inexpensive models, the BRAUN model “MP-80” is in the lead. Among the representatives of the middle price category (from $ 100 to $ 150), you can recommend Bosch MES 1020, Moulinex BKA381, JU650 D3E and JU40013 E, Philips HR 1861, and Bosch MES 3000. The most expensive ($ 450 and more) have a stylish appearance, titanium filter, sieve turbo blowing system. This is, for example, Juice Master Bork

Having compared all the parameters and having decided on the choice, it is worth choosing brand products with a good reputation in the branded department of household appliances, which has a quality guarantee and positive reviews. And to use it without problems for many years, you need to read the instructions and follow the rules.

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