How To Choose A Name For Your Baby Girl

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The future mother asks her partner touching her abdomen: “Have you already thought about the name we will put on our daughter?” She has already reached the seventh month of pregnancy and, for a few days, the same subject has been raised continuously.

She wants to give her a nice and original name, and rejects the proposals of her partner. Because of so many hesitations, mothers-in-law have taken sides

You can also get the best baby names here. As we know that choosing the name of your baby girl is a very personal and delicate task, we offer you some tips so that mom and dad can come to an agreement when it comes to putting the baby’s name.

Tips For Choosing Your Baby’s Name

  1. Do not ask many opinions. We all associate certain names with the people we know and assign a positive or negative value depending on our experience with them. What matters most is that you like yourself and your partner. That is why many mothers only reveal the name after the baby was born and thus avoid discussions before delivery. Of course, prepare yourself so that everyone feels entitled to give their opinion.
  2. Keep in mind the meaning of a name. Many people choose names because of the symbolism they harbour or are inspired by biblical characters. What’s more: if you cannot decide on one, finding out what it means (if you have one) can help you confirm or discard it? There are many databases of names on the internet, take advantage of them!
  3. Check that the initials work. There are cases in which the initials of the name (and middle name, if you will put one on your baby) and the last name form ugly words, so keep that in mind before deciding. Write down the initials and you’ll see if another word is formed.
  4. Repeat the name and surname together loudly. Sometimes the most beautiful names sound strange next to certain surnames. This exercise also helps to see if the name is very difficult to pronounce or if you feel that you can lend it to mockery in the place where you live.
  5. Find out if the name has another meaning in other languages. You never know what life will bring to you and if you will move to another country. I have friends who had to adopt a nickname when they realized the meaning of their name in the country to which they moved.
  6. Limit your creativity Try not to be very original in the way you write your baby’s name. By varying the traditional writing, you can create complications in official documents, at school and then as an adult, because he will spend it explaining how to spell his name. Also, you will never find anything personalized! Also, it is very difficult to pronounce.

These are the 5 tips to choose the name of your baby that you should keep in mind:

  1. How does the name you have thought for your baby sound?
  2. Is it good that it is a unique name?
  3. Choose a name that reflects your cultural heritage
  4. The meaning of the baby’s name
  5. Does your baby’s name like your partner?

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