How to Choose Best Outdoor IP Cameras

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Surveillance cameras are used for many purposes these days. We see them almost everywhere and are great tool for security. CCTV cameras have wide market and have various types like analog HD cameras which have many types and pretty much cheap but with the changing time CCTV cameras has also upgraded and latest version of CCTV cameras have come into market which is IP cameras. Every day the demand and need of IP cameras is increasing. IP cameras have even bigger market then analog cameras and totally different because of this, it is very important for you to know which version of IP camera will work for you. Here which first digital surveillance will try to help you to find best outdoor IP cameras.

Outdoor IP cameras are basically available in three labels or series which are 2 line series, 4 line series, and 6 line series. These 3 includes all IP cameras except PT jet. Now when installation, you analyzes the type and the purpose you are using it for. So you can choose from which line series you should choose your IP camera. 


For 2 line series which everyone recommend when you go to buy IP cameras it is just like the analog HD cameras echo version, it is IP camera’s entry level and usually use in small school, shop and houses. It can give almost same result as analog 5 MP cameras. It has 3d-DNR (digital noise reduction) which clear the dots appear in the footage; it also has WDR (wide dynamic range) which adjust the light and reduce the brightness in footage, and EXIR which is also important for night footage. It has also intrusion and line crossing detection for vehicle and people because of which an alarm rings whenever anyone or any vehicle entre.


4 line series is the middle series and it is smart level IP camera. It is specially use in petrol pump or factories, basically for large scale use and face detection and people counting have importance. It has on board storage because of which 128 GB chip support and can use it like single camera. It has ROI (resolution optimized image) which help with the blur footage like it can optimize the resolution to provide clear footage. It has triple stream for the management of the camera band width, it also has face detection and tracking as it can track a person among the crowd, it also scene detection and people counting and also store the data the how many people enter or exit the place.


6 line series cameras are of professional level and use for high security like for bank, it includes pin hole camera, fixed eye camera which can capture all 360 degree and its specialty is that it has intelligent detection for intrusion face and audio scene change which means scene can be change and audio can be detected and upgraded version of face detection. It supports heat mapping as it usually is use in high inflammable areas.

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