How To Choose The Best Building Cleaning Services Near Me

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The success of any business depends on offering a clean and sanitary facility or office. Building cleaning contractors are business-to-business janitorial and cleaning vendors. They offer custom cleaning programs for businesses in most settings and industries. But, how do you choose the best building cleaning service? These are a few factors to consider:

1. Experience and Reputation

Trust is required when hiring a building cleaning company. You would probably have the cleaners at your property after hours when all other employees have left for the day. The cleaning company should have a reputation of working in a professional manner and diligently without direct supervision.

You can gauge a cleaning company’s trustworthiness based on:

  • Years of experience
  • Industries served and client testimonials
  • References

2. Employee Background Screening and Training

Hiring is viewed as a critical responsibility by the best building cleaning companies. The employees hired by the commercial cleaners should be trustworthy and qualified. They should also be provided with consistent and formal training for ensuring safety and quality. These are a few questions you may want to ask the cleaning providers while vetting them:

  • Does the building cleaning company perform background checks?
  • Are state and federal hiring laws followed strictly?
  • Is safety training a priority?
  • What interview process is followed?
  • Is there a concept of retraining?

3. Full Building Cleaning Capability 

You should consider choosing a full-service contractor that can take care of all odd jobs in your building. This reduces the number of vendors that you may need to manage. These are a few services offered by full-service commercial cleaning contractors:

  • Janitorial service
  • HVAC vent cleaning service
  • Window cleaning service
  • Carpet cleaning service
  • Strip and wax of wax flooring

4. Bonded and Insured

Commercial cleaning may seem like a safe job, but it entails working with toxic chemicals. You should never contract a building cleaning company without making sure that appropriate insurance policies are in place. The easiest way of doing this will be to request for a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

This will give you a clear picture about the levels and types of insurances held. Reputable commercial building cleaning companies should maintain a fully insured status. You need to ensure that their workers compensation, umbrella liability, general liability, and theft and bonding insurances are in place. In fact, you may want to request for the COI on an annual basis.

5. Other Business Documentation

In addition to liability insurance policy, you may want to look at other requisite business documentation as well before signing on the dotted line. This includes business license, certifications, and insurance. These documents work together for establishing the legitimacy of a company. The least you should ensure is that the building cleaning business has the necessary licenses for working in your region.

6. Ask After Their Hiring Process

Commercial cleaners that carry liability insurance will have a steady workforce of regular employees. Cash workers are usually not trustworthy and reliable. Given the nature of the cleaning industry and that most workers perform their duties when the facility is unoccupied, you may want to find a cleaning company that hires wisely and carefully. This aspect should not be overlooked or downplayed.

7. Cleaning Process

Ask the cleaner how they initiate the cleaning process when they arrive on location. Is there a set schedule of how they will commence the cleaning? Are they going to offer you a customized cleaning schedule as per your needs? Reputable companies like the phs group always work off a checklist. This is carried by every team member so that nothing gets missed.

These are standard task lists which ensure that all workers in the team are engaged. You should ask the following questions at this juncture of the hiring process:

  • How will you deal with pesky trouble spots, such as mold?
  • Do you have a standard cleaning list to cover all areas, such as hallways and foyer?
  • Do you have an established cleaning process to follow?

8. Cleaning Products

Majority of companies are looking towards eco-friendly and sustainable practices. You may want to consider a building cleaning service that uses sustainable products if your business wants to go green. The contractor should follow green cleaning practices listed in the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Every cleaning company should have a separate MSDS for their cleaning products even if they don’t use dangerous chemicals. This allows the cleaning team to know how different solutions will react with one another. Also asking a potential building cleaning service whether they have high-tech cleaning equipment, such as an industrial floor scrubber, is another step you can take toward minimizing your company’s usage of hazardous chemicals and increasing your commitment to green business practices.

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