How to Choose the Best Upholstery for Your Furniture

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A grey color sofa placed in the living room.

Are you having trouble choosing a fabric for your sofa? For that matter, what about the fabric of an armchair?

You want to make the perfect choice when purchasing a new sofa because it will likely be the focal point of your living room. Therefore, we’ve compiled some professional advice on how to choose the best  Upholsterers to aid you in making a decision on which couch fabric is best for you.

When choosing upholstery, it’s important to consider stain resistance, durability, and style without sacrificing soft, delicate texture. Understanding a customer and their family is crucial for a designer. How will they use the furniture’s upholstery? The lifespan of most materials is impacted by sitting, leaping, feet up, shoes on, shoes off, etc. As the owner and principal of Kellie Burke Interiors, Kellie Burke declares, “We want our family to live and operate in their spaces, not be afraid of ruin.”


The best place to start is probably by deciding on your spending limit for a sofa because this will influence the type of fabric you choose.

However, keep in mind that if you choose a less expensive sofa, your color options may be limited to a few. In contrast, if you choose a custom-made sofa and have a larger budget, you can typically choose from hundreds of fabrics and colors. You can also order swatches before making your final decision to ensure that you are satisfied with your selection.


The type of sofa fabric you choose will be influenced in part by how you want to utilise it. Will your sofa be placed in a crowded space where you entertain guests and where wine will unavoidably spill? Or will it silently work from home?

For example, rarely used rooms are best suited for luxurious, textured wool blends. A smooth cotton fabric is great if you have kids or dogs because it can be washed as necessary. Contrary to demanding materials like velvet or chenilles, such as corduroys or microfiber blends, durable textiles like these work particularly well in a living room.


The abrasion resistance of textiles is gauged using the Martindale method. This is accomplished by testing fabric samples with a predetermined force to simulate the normal wear and tear of materials.

The fabric samples are placed in a strength testing machine, pulled taut, and subjected to intervals of 5,000 cycles, during which time two discs made of worsted wool or wire mesh are rubbed against the cloth. How frequently the discs wobble before the cloth deteriorates determines the final score.

4 Are pets welcome to sit on it, and do you have allergies to it?

Despite its tactile appeal, allergies are likely to be triggered by natural blends and fluffy textures. If you have sensitivity or an allergy, smooth, synthetic blends will be a better option. Long natural fibres are ideal depositories for dust, filth, and pet hairs. Faux suede is one of the popular blends available nowadays among many other smart combinations.

‘Utilize denim, canvas, and outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella, which don’t allow fur to stick as much and are simple to clean, to prevent fur from sticking to your sofa. On those textiles, lint rollers work amazingly well. Another piece of advice is to look for fabrics with tight weaves and steer clear of knits, boucle, and large-scale textured fabrics.


Do you prefer it if your sofa blends in or stands out? A sofa’s fabric color may significantly alter a space, so it’s a common living room design tip to select upholstery fabric in a vibrant color to add a bold accent. The drawback? A color scheme will be more challenging to change.

If you’ve fallen in love with a light-colored sofa, make sure it has detachable, washable covers, or at the at least, make sure the upholstery has been treated to resist stains. Light colors will reveal stains more rapidly.

A sofa in taupe or gray is an excellent midway ground. Both are simple to incorporate into almost any color scheme and are sufficiently dark to cover stains and marks. Choose one with texture to add interest, and then switch it up with interchangeable, vibrant accessories like patterned pillows and throws.

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