How To Choose The Best Women’s Golf Clubs

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When it comes to golf, everyone has their equipment. From juniors to women, men and seniors, there are specifically manufactured golfing clubs suitable for each one of the groups. This makes the whole shopping experience for a golf club much easier because you already know what kind of club you should be getting for yourself. If you are however just starting out in golf, it is advisable to take your time and understand first what you need and this will help you research on the best equipment to buy.

For a golfer, there are up to 14 sets of clubs that one can use on the course. A beginner does not need all the 14 since they are set with 3 of them. For a female golfer, selecting a golf club isn’t much of work if they understand very well their measurements. A set for the ladies however should comprise of these clubs; wedges, putters, irons and woods. These help greatly in consistency especially when it comes to swinging. You will find womens clubs reviewed in various sites and this may help when it comes to choosing the right clubs.

So what are some of the guidelines that should be applied when it comes to choosing women’s golf clubs?

Tips on buying women’s golf clubs

Here are some tips for the ladies buying a set of golfing clubs;

  • The type of club; as mentioned earlier, there are specific clubs that a women can comfortably use on the course because their manufacture standards favor their golfing needs. Women can do better with wedges, hybrids, drivers, putters and irons. These sets of clubs usually come with a golf bag which consists of other utility pockets.
  • The length; you should choose a golf club of suitable length that you can comfortably use on the course without bending too much. Since the swinging ability is greatly determined by the club length, there is the need to be choosy with the length because it could affect the overall game. Your height should therefore determine if you will go for a shorter or longer golf club.
  • The club heads; the clubhead should be of standard weight so that it cannot affect the swinging ability in a negative way. Clubheads are made of different materials such as titanium and it is therefore to choose the lighter ones. Starters are also encouraged on going for bigger clubheads because they are more forgiving compared to the smaller ones.
  • The shaft; the graphite made shafts will always be recommended for the women because they are much lighter. The juniors and seniors also benefit from the graphite shaft. There are also steel shafts which are mostly used by men since they are a bit heavier. The graphite shaft is however more expensive because of the material involved.
  • Club fitting; it is advisable to fit the clubs while buying so that you can purchase them depending on their suitability. You are able to pick the standard club for your golfing excursions.

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