The Perfect Team: How to Choose the Best Home Care Provider

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Home care is an aged care service that seeks to provide the elderly with assistance at home. This is often a much better option for elderly residents who fear losing their autonomy in a retirement home. This service provides necessary in-home assistance whilst allowing the senior to stay in their family home and for this reason it is a very popular option!

But not all services are made the same, and so it’s important to look out for a provider who will ensure that your loved one will receive comprehensive assistance.

Naturally, each individual is different and requires different levels of assistance, but as a general rule there are a few services that make the difference between a top tier and subpar provider.

When choosing your loved one’s package it is important to look out for the following:

 1. Social & community access

As we age, it can be harder to stay connected with friends and the wider community. Many elderly residents would love to stay in touch with their wider community but have a difficult time accessing it. Therefore, it’s always a great option to choose aged care community services that provide the option of community and social access.

After all, staying connected and social are two great ways to increase a sense of wellbeing as we get older. Therefore, this option is perfect for seniors who want to be a part of the community but require a little assistance getting out and about!

 2.  Meal assistance

Cooking can become difficult for seniors as they age. There are many elements to it that can become tricky to handle and for this reason meal assistance can be imperative. The carer will ensure that your loved one’s food is already prepared and ready to eat. Or, if they love cooking and only require a little assistance, they will be happy to do that, too!

What’s more, they should also provide meal planning that aims to maintain high levels of nutrition. This is important because as we get older we can often forget to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet, and so meal planning is another great option that should be available to your loved one.

3. Exercise

There are so many benefits to exercise as we age. Whether it be disease prevention, improved cognitive function and mental health, maintaining balance or something different, there are many reasons why our loved ones should continue to exercise as they get older.

However, like staying social, this can be difficult for the elderly, especially if they find it difficult to get out of the house. Therefore, a provider will help them get to where they need to go and assist them with their exercises if necessary. What’s more, they also provide company when seniors go to their regular exercise events like aqua aerobics, bowls or yoga.

4. Shopping

Your provider should be more than happy to help with the groceries. Grocery shopping can be especially difficult for the elderly as they might not enjoy being in a busy supermarket. Therefore, it can be important to have that extra level of support available or someone who can go and do the shopping for your loved one.

5. Company

And isn’t that the most important thing of all? Many elderly Australians experience loneliness at a time where they should feel more loved than ever. But it can be difficult to keep our loved ones company all the time, and that’s why this service exists to provide companionship for your loved one at times when work and other life engagements get in the way!

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