How to Choose the Right Backyard Pizza Oven for You

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Purchasing an outdoor pizza oven can be quite challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before. There’s a wide array of models, designs, sizes, and materials to opt for, which makes the process even harder. That being said, we’re here to provide some helpful recommendations to follow when shopping for the right backyard pizza oven. So whether you’re looking for a solid ooni koda review or still not sure about the model you need, you will find the tips below quite handy.

There are some outdoor ovens on the market whose manufacturers claim that their products are the best. However, some of these ovens are simply not good enough to be labeled the best, either due to the materials they’re made from or because of their faulty design. Below, you will find some important factors to consider before purchasing the ‘best of the best’ backyard pizza oven for your personal needs and preferences. Read on and get all perfectly crispy with just a drop of enlightenment from our experts. 

1. Oven Type is Crucial

Portable ovens, barbecue ovens, conveyor ovens, brick ovens, pizza deck ovens, as well as convection pizza-making beasts… There are several types and styles of outdoor pizza-baking machines out there. Picking the right oven type for you is paramount because each of them creates a different pizza, taste- and texture-wise.

2. Oven Size & Storage Space

If you’re looking to feed large crowds of people, then you need a big oven. If you’re looking to accommodate smaller groups of pizza-lovers, then opt for a smaller machine. Simple as that. Keep in mind that your pizza oven will take up some space in your kitchen. Therefore, take space limitations in consideration when shopping for a pizza oven.

3. Oven Material: Durability is Important

You want your pizza oven to be durable, that’s a given. That being said, how durable your oven is depends on its construction material. Some pizza-baking machines are made from stainless steel, while others represent more eco-friendly materials. Overall, a lot of pizza oven features are determined by the material. Therefore, prior to buying the machine, you’re going to need to research on the best construction material depending on your needs.

4. Heat Source: It Determines Cooking Time & Pizza Flavor

The pizza ovens that are currently on the market come with a variety of heat sources. Usually, the following heat sources are featured: gas, electricity, and wood-fire. Mixed pizza ovens are available as well. Which pizza oven to choose based on the heat source criterion depends on the cooking time you need, as well a? pizza flavor you’re looking for. For example, pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens have a smokier flavor compared to pizzas made in gas ovens.

5. Oven Shape & Set-up Specifics

The shape criterion is vital to take into account when choosing the right backyard pizza oven for you. Modern outdoor pizza ovens come in a variety of shapes and support various cooking styles. Make sure you decide on the oven shape you need prior to making the purchase. In addition to this, don’t forget to learn more about how to install the type of pizza oven you’re considering to buy. Research on the issue of ventilation and fire safety prior to setting up the machine.

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