How To Choose The Right Chair For Short People

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Getting comfortable in your seat while doing work or just relaxing on the computer can be a pain for someone on the shorter side of the height spectrum. Unfortunately, many chairs are made in a universal design which tends to be on the average height and weight to the larger side. However, because so many short people have a similar problem, there are now more options for chairs for those who may be under average height.

Choosing the right chair if you are not very tall is simple. You should consider many of the same features you would want in a chair, but whether they can also give you the comfort and functionality that you would like as someone who does not fit the traditional sized chairs.

If you happen to be a little shorter, and would like to find a chair that is designed with your comfort in mind, check out these advices below.

1. Material

The material of a chair can be surprisingly useful when looking for a chair to suit your needs. In this case, being shorter limits how many options we have, right? Wrong, in fact, thanks to the internet, there are more options now than ever. The type of material will determine things like price, comfort, and features. You can choose from mesh, leather, metal, plastic, or a combination of materials. Regardless, you want the chair you are purchasing to fit your lifestyle and that could be the type of material your chair is made of. The material can determine the breathability of your chair too. Leather will trap heat, cold or sweat where mesh can be more breathable. 

2. Features

The style or material of your chair will not matter if the chair itself does not include features to help with your situation. For those of us on the shorter side, you will want a chair that allows for customizable positioning. This means the ability to raise and lower the seat, as well as range of motion. Lumbar support is another feature you will want to look for in the chair’s functions. These chairs from show what kind of functions a short person should look for when looking for a new chair, and why those features are useful. Thankfully, there is a significant amount of options available for all people, regardless of height.

Armrest adjustability is also overlooked. Mainly because we do not consider how this may impact the way we sit or relax in a seat. Armrests, like the chair itself, is usually designed with the proportions of an average to bigger person in mind. The depth of the chair can be adjusted, but armrest adjustment is another feature to look for if you are short and need that guaranteed customization.

3. Comfort

It was mentioned a little bit in the previous section, but lumbar support is very coveted for chairs and their overall comfort. Lumbar support always for you to adjust the chairs lower sections so that your back does not feel strained while sitting for too long. Lumbar support is available in a variety of chair materials. Lumbar support is only one part of the comfort of a chair. For shorter people, the width of the seats can sometimes be a problem as well. Usually, chairs come in those pre-determined measurements based on the size of the average adult. There are more options now as chairs have seat width and depth that will not have you feeling like you do not belong in that seat. 

Not many people consider how the measurements of a chair will affect the comfort. The height of the chair back can hurt your lower back as the support elements can be designed for someone with a longer torso/back. Chairs that are designed to provide comfort for short people will take these factors into consideration, so that your chair does not feel ridiculously disproportionate.

Even if you are on the shorter side of the height chart, your comfort does not need to suffer. Shopping for a chair that fits your physical needs should not feel like a chore and it will not if you follow the tips given here for what to look for in your next chair.

Those of us that are not exactly gifted with height are still just as entitled to the same treatment in the products we buy. Shopping for chairs is no exception and the ways in which you can find a chair that suits your height needs relies on factors like the cost, what kind of material it is made with, the features it has and how those features can mean comfort for you.

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