How to Clean an Amber Teething Necklace

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2020 should definitely be named the year for hygiene with Covid-19 making us all more aware of our own personal hygiene habits. Hygiene should apply to every aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to babies and small children.

In order for an amber teething necklace to retain its smooth feel, be functional, and not affect the baby’s skin, a baby teething necklace must be cleaned and cared for properly.

However, one should always avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners on an amber teething necklace as they can make the necklace seem coarser, and the amber appears cloudy or damaged. Professional recommend not using any cleaner containing chemicals or bleach to clean amber teething necklaces, as they are poised to damage the product and can increase the likelihood of skin reactions.

Why Cleaning an Amber Teething Necklace So Important?

Remember that the mouth is a nurturing ground for bacteria; even infants who are still developing teeth are not immune. It provides the moist, warm environment bacteria thrive in and provides them with a constant supply of food. Although Amber teething necklaces are typically not to be chewed on as a treatment for teething symptoms, children have the tendency to put anything in their mouths at an early age, and in the case of an Amber necklace, they will try to do just that. It is thus essential that you prevent your baby from chewing on the necklace, as doing so may present a choking hazard.

Further, such a personalized piece of jewelry cannot do without proper care and attention. Cleaning an amber teething necklace is, therefore, a necessary undertaking in order to maintain hygiene and prolong its longevity.

Here Are 4 Safe and Effective Ways to Clean an Amber Teething Necklace:

1. Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are always ideal when it comes to buffing gemstones and especially beaded necklaces. However, a simple cotton cloth will also suffice as long as it is nice and soft. If you cannot find a suitable microfiber cloth, use another soft cloth such as silver polishing cloth or a cloth with fine fabric. One should always avoid using cloths that have a rough texture or a strong chemical smell as they may damage the piece. When cleaning an amber teething necklace with the cloth, gently brush the amber pieces with the cloth without applying too much pressure, as the amber is fragile and can be damaged by improper cleaning methods.

2. Cold or Warm Water

Amber is a natural material that is made out of resin and has a relatively low melting point of 340 degrees Fahrenheit. This low melting point means that it can be easily damaged when exposed to high heat. Therefore, it is important that you avoid using very hot or extremely cold water when cleaning the piece, as it could warp and crack the amber. Using usual cold water is much safer for cleaning amber as hot water will soften the wax, which is meant to be protecting the beads. If the grim still refuses to budge, you can try to use warm water as it will help loosen any dirt that has lodged itself in the amber. It is recommended that you try to clean amber teething necklaces only after you have boiled the kettle so as to avoid exposing the amber to very high temperatures.

3. Olive Oil

Cleaning an amber teething necklace with olive oil is highly effective. If you do not have olive oil at home, you can make do with any kind of oil that you have handy. Even butter will do just fine. The process is quite simple; all you need to do is take a cloth and rub some of the oil over the amber, and then rinse off the excess oil. The oil will soften the wax protecting the beads, making the grim easier to remove. Olive oil is entirely safe and natural, and it won’t harm the piece at all. The oil will also help preserve the color of the amber.

4. Mild, Gentle Soap

Any mild, gentle soap will do the trick. As mentioned above, avoid using cleaners that contain any form of bleach or chemicals. Soft soaps that do not have any harsh chemicals are the best as they do not pose a threat to the amber. Using a soft cloth, simply rub the soap over the amber and rinse off the excess. It is recommended you try using baby soap as they do not contain any harsh chemicals or additives and are sure to be gentle enough to clean the amber without damaging it.


The best cleaning solution for an amber teething necklace is to use olive oil. The oil is completely safe and gentle, so as long as the piece is rinsed off, you can be sure that it won’t have any effect on the product. However, if you do not have olive oil, you can use a mild, gentle soap, or cold water. Warm water is not usually recommended as it could soften the wax covering the amber, causing it to crack or become warped. As with any other cleaning product, do not leave the amber necklace in the water for too long, especially when cleaning it with cold water as the cold temperature may cause it to become brittle and crack. Always ensure that the product is completely dry before putting it back on your child.

In order to keep the piece in the best condition for as long as possible, you should also avoid exposing it to very high temperatures or dropping it too frequently as both are likely to weaken the structure of the piece and may damage the amber beads. Cleaning the necklace will prolong its life span and keep it looking brand new and shiny.

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