Learn Effortlessly Care Your Plants the Right Way

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Who does not like to keep their artificial blooms resplendent, as pretty as a picture? These, without doubt, bring class and serenity to the surrounding. 

But over time, your artificial plants tend to gather dust and lose their appalling charm. However, a tiny bit of care and maintenance will transform your dusty fake plants to dust free and look-like brand new artificial greeneries!

 You won’t actually  be needing much for plant cleaning, you can simply use the things available around you, like a damp cloth, a paint brush or even a self-made cleaner. 

Today we’ll take the approach of teaching you how to clean artificial trees. You’ll get to know about the cleaning mechanism of silk plants, plastic artificial bamboo plants, large fake trees, Ficus trees and more. Let’s get started!

How To Clean Artificial Trees

Let’s take a look at how to clean artificial trees and plants of different kinds and care for them the finest possible way.

Artificial Plant Repair

You can save some bucks if you try repairing your plant with the commodities accessible to you. Here are a list of things you can try 

  • Whenever your plants tend to pile up grime on their surface, brush off  the dust from the plant with a paint brush or a duster or wipe the blades with a damp cloth.
  • If the leaves get dismantled somehow, you can try sticking them back a glue that goes well with the quality of the leaves.
  • Keep the plant away from direct heat of the sun. Because if the plant is not ultraviolet ray resistant, it may cause fading away of the color.
  • Polish the plant with some olive oil if you want some extra luster on the leaves.
  • If you need a quick fix you can use your hairspray. Coat your plant with a decent amount of spray and shake it well. It  will leave behind the grime and give a  sheer shine to the leaves.

Homemade Silk Plant Cleaner 

It’s quite a bit laborious to maintain a silk plant. While various products have been launched in the market which are specifically manufactured for slk plants, they are a bit costly and somewhat difficult to find.

So what’s a  cost-friendly substitute to clean silk plants and trees? Maybe you can make yourself a homemade silk plant cleaner! You’ll be needing isopropyl alcohol/ rubbing alcohol, which you’ll find in any pharmacy or supermarket, and water for it. That’s it! 

  • Mix equal proportions of alcohol and water in a spray bottle. You can substitute alcohol with vinegar.
  •  Now shower each of the leaves with this spray so that it runs off the edge.
  •  Wipe the leaves with a cloth to dry them off. 
  •  Remember to test the liquid on a concealed part of the plant to make sure it won’t affect the color of the leaves.

That being said, one of the most conventional and best ways to clean silk trees is putting them right under the shower.  The drizzling water will do the rest.

How to Clean an Artificial Ficus Tree

The ficus tree is a classy artificial beauty for your home. And keeping the dust off of it is essential as the dusty leaves might tarnish the tree’s natural appearance.

  • Take your ficus tree in an open area and sweep away the cobwebs and unwanted dust grains off the plant using a lightweight duster.
  •  If there’s still some leftover grime, then use a vinegar and water solution and drizzle the spray on your leaves. Make sure to remove the plant from the base holder if the pot isn’t water resistant.
  • If you can fit the plant under your shower, it’s an easy way to clean artificial plants like ficus. Get a trash bag and conceal the part of the plant you don’t want to get dripped. Now place it under the shower and let it drench. Once the dirt gets off, dry the plant in the sun.

Cleaning Some other Kinds of Fake Plants

How to clean plastic artificial plants?

This is one of the most  frequently asked questions. The answer is simple. You can clean them just with water and you don’t even need to take even the base off.

  •  Fill a bucket with water, dip the plant in and move it in circles. If there’s excess dirt you can add a mild detergent to the solution. 
  • Rinse the plant in another bucket of fresh water and dry it off. You’re done.

How to clean large fake plants?

Now some of us have got large plants like coconut or palm trees. It becomes difficult to clean them as you can’t reach the top. It’s best to take such plants outdoors. 

  • Lay your plant on a support, like a chair, and position it in a titled manner on your lawn or in an open space.
  • Now spray the plant with a mild detergent solution the same direction the dirt usually gathers on the surface.
  • After that, clean it off with water spray and let it dry. 

How to clean artificial tree leaves of silk plants?

There are plenty of methods you can apply. 

One is taking half a cup of salt, putting it in the giant trash bag with your plant and shaking it up. Though it might stay in the crevices of the plant. Another method is using a blow dryer on the leaves, it works well. Or you can simply go over your plant with a feather duster.

Final Words

Be it fake or real, plants also respond to extra attention as we humans do. When you care for your plants, they look crisp and evergreen, rewarding you every other moment with their boon.

So what routine should be followed to clean artificial trees and keep them cavitating?

Dust getting collected over artificial trees is regular, so make sure to keep a weekly dusting routine for the plant so that unwanted grime doesn’t accumulate on it. And washing and deep cleaning of the artificial trees should be done at an interval of 4 to 6 months.

Adore and nurture your artificial flora the same way you’d do for the natural greeneries.

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