How to Connect an Xbox Controller to Your Mac

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One of the biggest advantages of gaming on a Mac computer, is the quality display that it offers your gaming experience. It doesn’t matter if you use Steam, Apple Arcade, or even emulators, the fact remains, the quality viewing experience is second to none . And the only thing that can actually make the experience even more enjoyable is being able to connect an Xbox console controller to your Mac. It is a that point that you can actually convert your computer into the ultimate PC gaming machine.

However, not many people are fully aware of how they can connect a Microsoft device to an Apple computer, but the reality is that it is actually quite easy and we’re going to show you how to do it. But before we get started, we should advise you that if you plan on using your mac for gaming, you need to always ensure that you keep the hardware well protected from damage, especially if you plan on moving around with it. In this respect, you should consider investing in a leather case for macbook pro which should keep your laptop relatively safe from the risk of spills or damage.

Now, let’s get started, shall we gamers?!

How To Use A Wireless Connection

The good news is that you can easily establish a wireless connection between your Xbox controller and device through the use of Bluetooth

connectivity. You can even establish the same type of connection using an iPad as well. All you need is a docking station for ipad pro to set up your iPad in a comfortable position and just like that you can play your favorite Apple Arcade games using an Xbox controller instead using the touch screen!

When it comes to your Mac, you can pair one of these controllers by first turning it on, and holding down the pairing button, which is located at the top of the controller,  on the left. At that point, you should be able to notice the Xbox logo blinking, which means that the device will now be visible on Bluetooth scans. You can now head to your Mac’s System Preferences > Bluetooth. You should then see  list of nearby Bluetooth ready devices to connect to and the controller should be one of them. Simply connect and just like that your Mac should now be paired with your controller!

However, if you find that you are having issues in establishing a worlds connection, you can try to use a usb c hub displayport and a usb-c cable to plug in your controller and any other external devices or peripherals you need directly to your Mac. Moreover, if you don’t have any USB-C cables that you can use to connect then we have got some suggestions for you as well!

Best USB-C Cables To Use For Gaming

#1. LENTION USB C to USB C Cable – (CB-CCT)

USB Cable

If all your current devices are USB-C compatible, then the best choice for you would be to go for Lention’s (CB-CCT) model.It is one of the most affordable high0quality options in the market today and is also universally compatible with most devices. Moreover, it even offers high-speed power-pass charging of up to 100W for most compatible devices as well. Plus, it comes with a PD3.0 Featured Chip, which protects you from any risk of device disconnection while in the middle of plugging or unplugging this cable.

When it comes to data transfer, its sync speeds are set up to 480Mbps, making it ideal for connecting external hard drives, gaming controllers or wired mechanical keyboards, as you don’t have to worry about signal lag in the process. And as a bonus, while most USB-C cables are limited to about 3 feet in length, this one offers you extra convenience in that it comes at an extended 10ft!

#2. LENTION HDMI to HDMI Cable – (VC-HH20)

HDMI Cable

On the other hand, if you want to connect your Mac to a bigger screen for better viewing experience while gaming, you will need a cable that facilitates HDMI to HDMI connectivity and there’s no better HDMI cable in the market today than Lention’s (VC-HH20). This cable is universal compatible to work on almost any external monitors, TVs and projectors. You can even pair it with the best usb-c docking station in the market to connect multiple devices to your Mac at once.

They also provide up to 4K HD resolution display on most screens, so you can use them for video streaming as well. This makes them useful for even connecting a gaming console to a TV, if you choose to use your Xbox. They also come in a wide variety of sizes for convenience and are also engineered to be long-lasting, as they come made up of either braided Nylon, and PVC materials for extra durability.

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