How To Create Your Tailored Spirits

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Everyone wants to have a glass of cocktail, they have different taste choice, and some want to have a strong taste, some want to have a mild flavor one. Different varieties can add up light to your lives.

You can have some a shot of spirit that will either be alcoholic or nonalcoholic as well.

Some companies are providing a customized tailored spirit online like whiskey distillery etc.


The classic cocktails are simply made up of the combination of previous recipes and steps; classic cocktails include margaritas and martins. They have a traditional flavor of gin, along with a hint of orange bitters also it has dry vermouth kind of feeling when you drink it.

Keeping the same amount of ingredients along with few changes and you are good to go in inventing and creating your tailored spirit.


As like different drinks, these tailor spirit requires different techniques to be used so that it will form the required texture or form; it includes jiggers, strainers, stirrer and muddlers along with the squeezer.

It may include the number of pieces like there is sets of different pieces of the number, 11pcs set, 13 pcs set 16 pcs and 18 pcs sets. The more you invest in the kit, the more you will get the advantage of it. The choice is yours. As buying yourself that is worth buying of each penny is like buying your bright future.

As there is an alternate of everything, so is the alternate’s available at home for the cocktail kits.

Like you can have an egg cup instead of jiggers, tea strainer can also be used as a filter for the drink, the stirrer can be a long teaspoon, and the small rolling pin can replace a muddler. These products are available in our kitchen shelves. So to have a tailored spirit at home, you can simply be clear mind what flavor you are looking for and be well prepared regarding the ingredients, and you are good to go.


Try to figure out the importance of each taste of each ingredient and try to build the taste by choosing the number of ingredients and what ingredients should go best together in a glass. Try to experiment and make yourself familiar regarding the smell and scents of each ingredient.

By choosing the base spirit, you have to choose the cocktail’s main ingredients, just like building a road map for the products of the cocktails.

In other words, you must understand that your tongue will not give you a wrong hint regarding the flavor, so go with what your tongue is giving you suggestions. And start working on your tailor spirit by creating it your own.

Here we are mentioning some recipes to make different kind of cocktails you have to balance the components according to your taste, and you are good to go.

It is not that difficult to make a cocktail just add your favorite fruit with your favorite drink vodka, whiskey, etc.

These are some recipes:

For a Strong cocktail, you have to combine the ingredients: some whiskey adds with some vodka and gin.

For the recipe of Sour cocktail, the first ingredient would be champagne into lime or lemon.

Pleasant smell like flowers cocktail: in your drink add some basil leaves with mint leaves.

For the Smoke-filled cocktail: the first component would be some tequila with some American bourbon whiskey and lastly with some cinnamon sticks for the flavor.

Spiced filled cocktail (add some cayenne powder with some crushed peppers)

 The taste of cocktails depends upon the ingredients used by bar or owners. For floral flavor, you can add basil leaves and mint leaves into the drink. The same goes for spicy flavored cocktails you have to add peppers and cayenne powder. You just have to think about the taste you want and add essential components according to your taste bud. Balancing all the ingredients one by one is the key.  

 Innovation is the key to make yourself different from one another, search for the ingredients that you like and try to figure out different techniques that will be not only the best combination but also no one have imagined those ingredients together 

As most of the cocktail drinks do not include ingredients more than 3. The simple ingredients will make them the best drinks of all. So when you are looking up for creating your tailor spirit, you just need to make it simple. Keeping the list short and making the ingredients balanced in your signature is the key

A rule which is followed, while making a cocktail drink, the foundation should be 50 ml of a base spirit which is almost half of the ounce. Do not be so generous with your other ingredients while putting them in your drink. The key is to add the base spirit in the last just after adding the cheaper ingredient for shaking.

Nowadays, some companies are also providing the service of creating the tailor spirits on customers’ choice so that they will add up ingredients according to their own choice and.

Creating your drink will give them an exclusive experience, as you are having a choice of choosing vodka, whiskey, and gin personally.

They are offering their customers to create the spirits and get it delivered at their doorstep. For this, the first thing you need to do is to select five of the distillery’s unique botanical distillates to so that it will be added to Original Vodka or Signature Dry Gin. 

They also offer the choice to choose the bottle and make it personalized by adding up the name on the bottle your Tailored Spirit, so that you may gift the bottles to your loved ones.


Drinks are specially made for the people to have fun with your loved ones. The purpose of the drinks is to give and spend time with your loved ones. Also, you may have a glass of spirit, and you may have some time with you. Search for a time which will give pleasure to you and make yourself a feeling.

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