How To Cure A Dog Who’s Suffering From A Cold

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All the owners of the pet dog have seen their best friend cough and sneeze. Often a cough doesn’t denote anything; while other times the same can be an indication of a cold. This canine cold is a serious illness that usually does not need a veterinary doctor’s help. Keeping the dog warm, allowing them to take rest completely, and ensuring that they get sufficient fluids are enough. If the symptoms do not get clear up easily or if they avoid eating and drinking, you must immediately look for the veterinary doctor’s help. Below in this article, you will learn what on your part you need to do to provide complete care to your pet dog.

1-     Keep your wooly friend warm and dry-

Keep your pet dog in a warm and dry surrounding as you observe the potential warning signs. You must turn the thermostat by 2 or 3 degrees. You must provide them a warm blanket. Also, you can use a dog sweater and sock to help a wooly friend stay comfortable while they fight warning signs. Some pet dog store offers heated dog beds that use low heat which keeps the dog warm continually. Your dog must be warm but you must keep eye on them to ensure that they do not overheat. If they begin any heavy panting, take away the layers or drop down the hotness.

2-     Supply them warm and energetic food-

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You need to provide the dog with ample food while they are fighting against cold. If not instructed or else by your veterinary doctor, let them free-feed the warning signs clear. Even you can feed them warm low sodium chicken or shredded chicken to help in supplementing their diet although they recover. When your pet dog is having a cold, it will dull the smelling sense and help them find the food by warming it up in the microwave for several seconds. This makes the meal fragrant and easy to locate. If you dig don’t eat rightly, then trip to the veterinary doctor.

3-     Maximize the humidity at the home-

Similar to humans, dogs too suffer from cold breathing. Setup the humidifier in the area where they sleep and maybe in the living room or closer to their water and food. When possible, you need to choose a cool-mist humidifier. Warm mist models can burn the pet if they are not cautiously observed.

4-     See the dog’s liquid intake-

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Hydration is important for pet dogs with cold. Ensure that your dog is having constant access to clean and fresh water. If your dog doesn’t drink the water for several hours, add a splash of low sodium chicken to let them drink water. Make sure that you change your dog’s water once a day at least. Wash their bowl using hot water so that all germs get away from it. In case of dog doesn’t drink water for the whole day you must call the doctor as soon as possible. Dehydration is a serious condition and needs to be cured as faster as possible.

5-     Provide your dog sufficient rests they want-

Even if your dog is active and playful, they require plenty of rest when fighting against cold. Your dog needs 12 hours to 14 hours of sleep in a day. They may need more than that when they are sick. Allow your dog to rest unless its symptoms subside. Ignore taking them for a walk for long-distance or playing exhausting games.

6-     Look for the sign-in them those found in human-

Different viruses cause cold in humans and pet dogs. But the symptoms may be the same. The most common sign that your dog has is cold that includes coughing, red eyes, sneezing, and vomiting. Also, the other symptoms may include- warm ears, dry nose, warm nose, appetite loss, and shivering.

7-     See how severe are the symptoms-

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In many cases, the dog cold will be easily observable but not the harsh symptoms. The cold symptoms are also seen with other, more tough situations. If your dog’s sign becomes bad over a time of 24- 48 hours and if there is a rattling in the dog’s chest or if they are visibly not comfortable, they need the fast attention of the vet doctor. Other canine diseases that may have some sort of signs of a cold include kennel cough, parainfluenza, and so on.

8-     Look for vet care for ongoing or tough symptoms-

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If your dog is experiencing signs that last for more than several days or if the conditions seem to be getting inferior more and more, you must call a vet doctor faster. The doctor will be able to find out what are conditions greatly responsible for the symptoms and they can help develop a cure plan. Mostly the cold does not need medication. If your doctor recommends medication for another situation to help manage cold symptoms, you must follow it as per the doctor’s given instructions. If your dog is running a fever and if they stop drinking water or if they are in pain that doesn’t move, bring them to the animal clinic. Also, refer here to know when you can locate a vet when the dog is ill.

9-     Quarantine the sick pet dogs-

If you are having many dogs and only one amid the group is showing cold-like signs, you must immediately separate one from others before the symptoms get transmitted to the other dogs as well. Supply your sick pet dog a quiet and isolated resting area and keep all other dogs separate until the symptoms get away completely. Ensure that your sick doggy has its food and water dishes. Don’t allow dogs to share food and water or else the other pets may have the same symptoms that your sick dog is having.

10-    Clean the dog’s dishes and toys regularly-

You must clean the dog’s dishes and toys using lukewarm water and soap to allow all dirt and germs to get away from it. This will also keep the dog away from any allergies or infections.


These are all you need to do to help your sick dog. You can refer here to learn more about what to do if the dog is having a cold.

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