How to Cut a Porcelain Tile

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Nowadays home décor is becoming a sign of social status. And for this, many homeowners prefer the use of tiles to add beauty to their homes and porcelain tile is among the class of tiles that add to these embellishments.

Knowing how to cut porcelain tiles properly is essential to make them compatible with the target area. Additionally, we need to remember that cutting porcelain tile requires unadulterated consideration and alert while doing it. Because these tiles are made to be very rigid and thick deters. 

What is the porcelain tile?

Also referred to as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are a hard form of clay tiles that are majorly utilized in kitchens, bathrooms and to enwrap any other wall or floor. Porcelain tiles are rich in rich varieties of design, color, and quality. These are some of the things that make them preferred. They are considered to be one of the most long-lasting tiles because they are made from dry clay that is subjected to high temperatures.

Best Ways How to Cut Porcelain Tiles

  1. Cut Porcelain Tile Using a wet tile saw

When it comes to cutting porcelain tiles, a wet saw is the most ideal tool for this job. It utilizes water to wet and at the same time cool down the blade when it is cutting. A wet saw has a blade made of diamond and a reservoir for storing water to be used when cutting. A wet saw makes a perfect pattern on the tile. The task is not hard, but you have to take some time if you want an accurate cut.

Before cutting any material with a wet saw, first, you have to measure where to cut. So, before you cut your porcelain tile make sure you mark the place where you want to cut. After marking fill the water reservoir with water if it’s empty. When cutting smoothly push the saw on the tile.

2. Cut Porcelain Tile Using a Tile Cutter

A tile cutter is almost the same as a glass cutter. Manual Tile Cutter for porcelain tiles is also good when it comes to cutting porcelain tiles. It utilizes the scoring and snapping technique meaning it takes less time to cut your tiles. With a tile cutter, you can cut any pattern and size. Before cutting you have to mark the cut line and adjust the scoring wheel properly according to the type of material you want to cut.

3. Using a Tile Nipper for Cutting Porcelain Tile

A tile nipper is necessary especially when you want to cut a piece of tile to cover up a corner or next wall. It an amazing tool when you want to cut a little piece from a tile. A tile nipper leaves rough edges, however it will not do any harm if it is being fitted in a place that is not visible. You can convert the rough edge into a good looking smooth edge if you have some good experience.

4. Cut Porcelain Tile Using An Angle Grinder

 An angle grinder can also be used to cut porcelain tiles, many individuals think that it is only used for honing, grinding surfaces, and shinning. Depending on the kind of surface, the angle grinder varies to cope with the surface. This means that before you start any task, establish the angle grinder that will be the most ideal for your project. Like any other cutting task, first, you have to mark where to cut and most importantly make sure the porcelain tile is properly secured.

Safety Rules For Cutting Porcelain Tile

When cutting or using any tool, as always there are safety rules to be observed. The dust from the material being cut and the tool itself can harm you. So, when cutting porcelain tiles the safety rules outlined should be followed to avoid unnecessary injuries.

  • Always when working with power tools wear glasses. The glasses will not only protect you from dust but also tiny pieces of porcelain tile.
  • Use all Safety materials whenever you want to operate a power tool. The tools can be dangerous if they get you unprepared.
  • The hand can get harmed if you are using a crusher and a saw. So like keen individuals, everybody should utilize gloves to ensure the hands are protected.
  • Wearing a mask is also important. In the air there is dust and you will be safe from inhaling the dust by wearing a mask all the time.
  • When cutting porcelain tiles a lot of noise is produced depending on the tool you are using. The loud noise can harm your ears, so using wearable ear protection can be of great importance.
  • To prevent physical injuries, make sure you are familiar with the tool you are handling. Some tools are complex and they need some skill to operate.
  • Always be attentive and focused when working with porcelain tiles.
  • As always check the tools before you start using them. Some tools use electricity, so be sure the cables are properly insulated and plugged in.


Porcelain tiles are the current trend and can make your home look amazing. For this reason, knowing how to cut porcelain tiles is a must because the area you are likely to work on will not have straight boundaries. If at all you want your work to look amazing, then master how to cut your tiles accurately. Porcelain cutting is more of an art.

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