How to Easily Move With Your Pets

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Just as you make adequate preparations to move with children, it’s important to take your furry loved ones into consideration too when you’re getting ready to pack up and hit the road. As with most elements of the moving process, there are always going to be a few challenges that arise when it comes to bringing pets along with you. 

Whether you’re transporting a protection dog, cat, bunny, or even your Clownfish that looks like Nemo, there are certain things that you should take into consideration when you are planning a move. 

As much as we wish our beloved pets could talk and let us know exactly what they need, the technology has simply yet to be created (our fingers are crossed). 

So, giving them a quick pep talk about your upcoming move is not exactly going to work. The last thing you want is to make them feel stressed, nervous, or abandoned. 

Here are a few things to do in order to successfully move with your pets to make the situation stress-free as can be. 

Pack a ‘Doggy Bag’

You have a lot of possessions packed away, but a pet waits for no one – much like a kid! Make sure you pack an overnight bag with some necessities such as treats, food, toys, and litter/potty pads to get your pet through the first few days while you move and unpack. 

Just like you would pack an overnight bag for yourself. 

The last thing you want to christen your new home with is an unexpected potty break on your gorgeous new living room rug. 

Separate Your Pet from the Stress

Moving can be incredibly stressful for any person. So, just think about how stressful the situation can be for an animal who doesn’t understand what is happening to their safe space. 

It’s suggested that you keep your animals in a quiet room within your new home while all of the unpacking, commotion, and construction (if applicable) occurs. 

You and the movers will be transporting your belongings in and out of your place and all of that activity can really amp up your animal’s anxiety. So, it’s best to keep them in a quiet and calm environment while the work gets done. 

It also doesn’t hurt to leave them with their favorite play toy, yes even bunny toys, and make frequent visits to dish out a little love and treats. 

Don’t Pack the Animals with the Movers

Absolutely do not even consider packing your animals away in a U-Haul or a moving van – unless they are in the cab with you. According to a moving company in Dallas, most movers will flat out refuse to transport your pets anyway. 

Instead, have your pet, if they’re a dog, sit in your lap or the passenger seat so they feel safe going with you. A cat should go in a travel carrier, but still in the car with you. It’s also recommended that if you do cage your animal for the drive, to place a blanket over their cage, as it’s said to greatly reduce their feelings of stress or unease. 

Include a beloved toy in the carrier and check in every once in awhile if you have a long drive to feed or provide your pet with some extra love. 

Make Sure You Update Your Pet’s Info

If you’re moving with your pet, and they have a microchip or collar detailing their address, that you have their location updated properly to reflect your new home. Make sure you reach out to your vet to notify them of the change, so all of their medical records can be converted over as well. 

Don’t shy away from leveraging your vet’s expertise for tips and tricks on how to make your pet’s transition a seamless, happy one.

If You’re Moving with a Fish

Moving with one or more fish is much more complicated than moving with a cat or a dog. For short distances, you can transport a fish in a bag filled with water. But, if you are planning on traveling long distances, you are better off giving the fish to a friend and simply getting new fish where you go. The reason being that a move can be fatal to fish.

However, should you have expensive tropical fish that you don’t want to re-home, be sure to move your fish in an enclosed container with the existing tank water. 

We love our little friends and life just wouldn’t be the same without them. That’s why we make sure they eat like kings and queens, have costumes for Halloween, and we dish out tons of cash on cute toys that never seem to get as much love as cardboard boxes do. 

While you may be over-the-moon excited to move, just remember, it can be terrifying for your pet. By heeding some of the above tips, you’ll ensure your four-legged pal makes an easy transition to your new place. 

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