How to eat caviar?

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Caviar is a popular food that is made of eggs of sturgeon, beluga, salmon, and other fish. Let’s figure out how to eat caviar properly.

What Kinds of Caviar Exist?

There are usually two types of caviar:

  • “Black caviar”. Any caviar from the Sturgeon and Beluga families can be called “black” because of its color. Black eggs are considered the most expensive and premium food.
  • “Red caviar”. Red caviar comes from fish in the Salmon family. This caviar is cheaper, but at the same time, not less tasty.

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How to Eat Caviar?

There are some simple rules of how to eat caviar properly.

How to Serve Caviar

Caviar should look beautiful and delicious on any table. This gourmet delicacy is best served in a caviar bowl with ice to keep caviar cool during serving. Do not use metal bowls and utensils that can give the caviar a metallic taste. Choose from glass, bone, wood, or even plastic dinnerware. According to tradition, caviar is placed in gold or mother-of-pearl dishes, but in modern conditions, it is not necessary.

Dishes That Go Best With Caviar

As an independent dish, caviar is rarely used—most often it is found as an ingredient in dishes. You can eat caviar as a snack along with toast or crackers.. Also, chicken or quail eggs, potatoes, cucumbers, and cream fries can be combined with caviar.

If it is selected qualitatively, alcohol does not spoil the caviar taste. Champagne, vodka and white wine go well with eggs. Red wine is the last choice to make because it often overwhelms the taste.

Eating Etiquette

You should eat caviar slowly. Take small bites and do not hurry—the taste should give as much as possible satisfaction. Extend the process as much as possible; savor and do not chew the caviar. Also, do not eat too much of it.

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