How to Encourage Your Child to Love Learning

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As a parent, you teach your kid almost everything you know. However, this is not enough and you have to encourage your kids to learn and discover things by themselves. You should inculcate the mindset that learning is fun with your kids and they will be lifelong learners. Devise habits that encourage curiosity, inquisitiveness, and fervor for knowledge.

Below are various ways to encourage your child to love learning.

1. Surround your kid with learning resources

It is important to train kids your kids to start reading as early as possible so that they develop a reading culture. Providing many learning resources for your kids can challenge them to read and learn new things. In addition, you can bestow a library card upon your child that they have many books at their disposal. Buying a research paper for college can be a good option to teach kids how to use online learning resources.

2. Allow your Child Free Time

Kids need free time to discover and explore the world. Do not stock up your child’s schedule with errands and activities. Give them some free time to play, daydream, and roam around the backyard as they explore. Play is an important element when kids are learning. Children love to play and gain a lot from it because they learn from other kids and the environment.

3. Expand Your Child’s Interests

Expose your child to numerous experiences such as music, plays, sports, travel, reading, games, and food to foster their growth. Kids create their interests, likes, and dislikes when they are exposed to many activities and experiences. Make trying new things fun and exciting and your kids will have a passion for new adventures. When your child shows a strong interest in something, find a way to get them involved. If your child likes football, see if you could register them to a football club.

4. Know when to back off

Do not micromanage your kids and let them do some things and activities by themselves. Avoid telling your kids “you are doing it wrong” or “let me do it for you.” Let them figure out things for themselves and learn in the process. Importantly, allow your children to make mistakes and encourage them to keep trying.

5. Explore the immediate world together

Encourage your child to love learning by exploring the immediate world together. Your backyard provides numerous learning opportunities for your kids. Mark a portion of your backyard and help your child assess the flora and fauna in it. You can use a magnifying glass to have a better look at the vegetation and insects. Additionally, you can make a cake or cookies together and your kids will enjoy mixing different ingredients to get a delicious cake.


Loving to learn takes time and effort, but do not give up. Children are naturally curious and providing learning opportunities cures this curiosity. Surround your child with learning resources, give them free time, expand their interests, and explore the world together and you will be surprised by the results. Your kids will love learning and you will be a happy parent. To live is to learn.

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