How to Find Boutique Apartments in Your Area

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You’ve heard of boutique shops, but what are boutique apartments? Boutique apartments are a relatively new trend in the real estate market, where you rent a small, unique, and luxurious space. Words used to define boutique apartments are hip, trendy, stylish and exclusive. 

The atmosphere it the essential aspect of a boutique apartment, which refers to décor, ambiance, and personalized service. The atmosphere can be inspired by the city of the residence, depending on its location.

Where Did Boutique Apartments Come From?

The use of the word “boutique” to describe living space started in the hotel industry in the 1980s. Hotels in key urban centers in the United States and Europe used the term to highlight their unique, one-of-kind space.  The label has been adopted by other industries, such as boutique salon, and boutique shops. Today, a boutique apartment is usually a small building with a variety of distinct rooms or units. 

Why Rent a Boutique Apartment?

A boutique apartment has very pertinent differences compared to a regular apartment. Boutique apartments are popular because of their notoriety to being very luxurious and located in trendy urban areas. Time and attention are put into style and design of each room in a boutique apartment, which creates a space that feels like home, yet is stylish and chic, whereas regular apartments are focused more on functional areas. 

What is the Uniqueness of Boutiques?

Calling an apartment boutique implies that the units are distinct from one another, both in layout and style. The diversity of a boutique apartment makes its residents feel like their apartment is genuinely their w and give a broader selection to choose from. There are a variety of factors that make a boutique apartment unique, like interior and exterior styling, location, and amenities.

Interior and Exterior Styling

Many boutique apartments make clever use of their interior and exterior to set themselves apart as unique and different. The majority of boutique apartments involve taking a historic building, all its character, and outfitting the interior with luxurious modern finishes. In the interior, historical elements such as aged wood, exposed pipes, or bricks help create a stylish contrast against modern finishes like granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances.  


Boutique apartments are usually located in trendy neighborhoods in urban centers. The apartment buildings will be close to a grouping of small, unique café, shopping, and local service providers. 


Another draw to the boutique apartment-style is the emphasis on facilities. These apartments will have things like rooftop decks, package concierge service, and uber waiting rooms. The amenities give the boutique apartment a sense of luxury and set them apart from other communities. 

How to Find a Boutique Apartment in Your Area

If you are interested in finding a boutique apartment to rent in your area, then the internet is the way to go. Many property managers or owners post their rentals opportunities online because it allows for a renter to gather more detail than just the number of bedrooms and baths, such as videos, rental reviews, 3D walk-through, social integration, and interactive media. Here are some of the most used online sites for finding boutique apartments:

  • Zillow – a popular rental property listing site includes photo listings, interactive maps, and the ability to quickly sort through features such as bedrooms and bathrooms and rental rice. It also can compare two listings side by side.
  • Hotpads – this site caters to pet owners giving pet information right up front, and it also has an interactive map.
  • – is a private social networking site for local neighborhoods. It provides information on services and rentals to its members. It provides a highly engage and the active local community. 
  • Walk Score – this is a site that promotes walkable neighborhoods for apartments to rent. If concerned about transportation, commute times, etc. this is an excellent website to use. 

Myths About Boutique Apartments

When you hear boutique apartment, probably a few ideas and assumptions pop into your head, but they might not necessarily be true. One misconception is that boutique means expensive, but this isn’t always the care. “Boutique” offers a different experience, amenities and overall style, and with it brings a lot of value, these apartments are typically priced competitively in their areas. 

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