How to Fit Piano Lessons for Your Kids into Your Busy Schedule

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If you want to give your kids every advantage in life, sign them up for piano lessons. There is a growing body of scientific evidence showing how music lessons, specifically piano, can enhance childhood development and leave kids with lasting skills and values.

Piano Improves Language Skills

A study recently covered in Time from the National Academy of Sciences shows that early childhood piano lessons can help kids develop language skills. Early piano practice is linked to processing all sounds, not just music. Piano practice trains their ears to distinguish pitch and tone, both of which are essential elements of verbal communication.

Piano Lessons Instill a Positive Work Ethic

Playing the perfect tune takes practice, practice, and more practice. Piano lessons in etobicoke teach your kids the value of hard work and practice from a young age. It can be stressful at times, but when they masterfully perform at their first recital, they’ll realize how all their hard work has paid off. It’s a lesson that will stick with them through school and long into adulthood.

Piano Lessons Develop Creative Brains

Piano lessons actually change the way children’s brains develop; they’re like mental braces that encourage the brain to develop to be more creative and efficient. One study found that the brains of those who had grown up with piano lessons actually developed new connections in the frontal lobe that improved efficiency.

What can you do if you’re eager to sign your kids up for music lessons, but you just don’t have the time? With younger kids, an hour-long piano lesson often means an hour of your time spent at the piano instructor’s. Add in the time it takes to drive to lessons, and it quickly becomes a very time-consuming project. Music lessons for two or more kids can quickly feel overwhelming, even if you know the skills and talents piano lessons will teach your children are worth it.

You’re a busy mom who’s always on the go. There’s hardly enough time in the day to pick everyone up from the babysitter’s and make dinner, not to mention get them to piano lessons. That’s where online lessons can be perfect. Signing your children up for online piano lessons can solve your time concerns and connect your children with top-quality music instructors from around the world.

There is a growing number of online music schools that offer one-on-one live music lessons for children and adults online. The live element is essential for music students of all ages. Your kids need the live one-on-one interaction with an experienced music teacher to correct their mistakes, teach them how to read music, fix their posture, and provide live feedback on their performances. Live interaction is an invaluable part of music education.

One of the benefits of online piano lessons is that you can find the teacher that’s right for your kids and you don’t have to worry about the demands on your time. Schedule lessons while you make dinner or catch up on work from home. Cut out the commuting time and save yourself the stress of racing to make it to yet another activity. You’re a busy mom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your kids the advantage of piano lessons.

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