How to Freshen Up Your Home Decor

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Your home is your palace where you go to recharge, relax, and enjoy spending time with your family as well as guests you invite over. You should feel at ease in your home, because your space should be warm, inviting, and it should show off your personality. 

If this doesn’t describe your home right now, you don’t have to fret over it – there are plenty of ways to freshen up your decor so you feel truly comfortable in your space. Whether you have the budget for a major home renovation project to transform your room or if you just want to spruce it up with some quick fixes and DIY projects over a weekend, you can find ideas here in this article.

  1. Paint the walls

The easiest and quickest way to bring new life into any room is with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe your style has changed since you last decorated. Maybe you want to update your room to match the latest trend in home decor. Maybe you just never got around to painting when you moved in. Regardless of the reason, splashing the walls with some new color is a great way to feel excited about your space again. 

There’s nothing that can compare to classic white for a clean, timeless look, but if you want to go more stylish and perhaps even a bit bolder, try picking out a color that adds some excitement. You could even try one really bright wall and offset the loud color by having the other walls more muted. Whichever room you decide to update, whether it’s your living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, study, or bedroom, try and make sure your new wall color matches your existing decor and furniture in some capacity – unless you’re completely overhauling the room and getting new furnishings. 

It’s simple enough to paint your walls yourself, and you can save some money by spending the weekend doing it, but if you would rather hire some interior painters to get the job done, you won’t have to worry about the work – or the clean-up. 

  1. Knockdown the walls

If you want to truly transform your space, consider turning your home into an open-plan design. It can bring plenty of space and light into your home, making it an attractive option for you and for any future buyers if you plan to sell. Open floor plans may be intimidating to decorate because there’s no defined rooms or zones, but once you get an idea of how to arrange furniture to create “rooms”, you’ll love your new space. 

Open floor plans are especially popular right now, and with apartments and homes seemingly getting smaller, knocking down dividing walls can make your space feel so much bigger. 

  1. Add some greenery

Bring the outdoors inside with as many or as few plants as you want. Adding greenery to your home can make the room feel more alive and natural, and plants are trendy right now to boot. You can get plants that also clean the air in the room, so they don’t just make your room look fresher, they actually are making the room fresher. Whether you pick a big statement plant like a palm variation or the ever-so-popular Monstera, or decide to go with a few smaller plants like succulents or vine plants scattered around, the effect will be noticeable immediately.

If you’re not a green thumb and are worried about turning your greenery to brown quickly, there are a lot of plants that are quite hardy and easy to care for in even the toughest of conditions. Or, you can always opt for fake plants. There’s no maintenance and no watering schedules, but you still get that indoor jungle feeling. 

  1. Update your furniture

Looking at the same drab furniture can take its toll on how you feel about your space. Old, worn furnishings or pieces that are totally outdated and out of style can change the whole look and feel of your home, so it might be time to update. You can shop for new furniture if it’s in the budget, but you probably will want to match the color or wood with whatever furniture you’re not replacing so the room looks cohesive. 

If you’re working with a bit more of a lean budget and it’s not in the cards to buy completely new furniture for the room you’re updating, you can still find a workaround to bring your furnishings up to date. Covering or reupholstering couches or cushions is a good DIY project you can tackle, as is stripping and repainting or staining wood furniture. Spend a bit of time yourself and not only will you be freshening up old furniture and finding a new love for it, but you’ll feel accomplished that you did it yourself. 

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