How To Get More Money When You Sell Your Home

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Getting the most money when you sell your home might sound like a pipe dream, but it is not; you can get more money for your house when you come to sell it if you put the time, effort, and investment in.

Family homes are lived in, and this can affect your sale price; sometimes, family homes are undervalued just because of the state they are in. This doesn’t have to be the case, and you can improve your family home so you get the most money you can when that sale is agreed upon.

Deep Clean

This may sound silly, but when viewers and potential buyers come to look at your house, make sure it as clean as you can get it. Clean everywhere from top to bottom, including blinds, bathrooms, and kids bedrooms/play areas. Viewers and potential buyers usually want to see a bland and blank clean canvas; they don’t want to see teething rings or toddlers’ toys strewn across the living room floor.


If you have a bright and bold scheme that is great, it is your home, and you can do that, but, if you want to sell it and get the most money you can for it, then you should probably tone it down a bit. Bright and loud colors and prints can put some people off buying as they see it as too much work. So, try neutralizing rooms, using warm whites and creams. Let buyers see the space on offer.

Love those floors

With a family and possibly even pets running around floors take the burden of day to day life. Eventually, though the wear and tear shows on carpets and flooring, and if your flooring is looking scratched, dull or dirty, it may be time to look at flooring installation for investment that will help sell your home. Floor space and the look of floors tells buyers and viewers in an instant how well maintained the rest of the home is, so don’t let your home down, and give it the flooring it deserves.

Don’t forget outdoor spaces

Whether you have a yard, porch, or just some decking, make sure that it is well-loved and well maintained. People like to visualize having family get-togethers in outdoor spaces so, ensure that your outdoor spaces look like they could entertain friends and family. Remove anything broken, tired or pointless, and keep bins out of sight.

Fix it

If you have broken fixtures and fittings that don’t bother you, then get them fixed; they will bother viewers and potential buyers of your home as they will see it as something else to do. So, get issues fixed (no matter how minor they are); if you don’t feel confident doing the work yourself, then consider hiring a professional. The money you spend here is what you will get back when you sell your home, so consider maintenance as an investment.

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