How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

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What causes cockroach infestation? Mostly, dirt, grease, food leftovers, and generally unsanitary conditions will promote healthy breeding ground for roaches. Roaches can be a real shame when they creep out of their hidings in front of visitors. And most shockingly, you’ll find cockroaches in city apartments too! Getting a local roach control mechanism that will make it tougher on the small insects but gentler on the rest of the household members can be challenging.

For instance, most control methods are always poisonous and pose a great danger to children or pets. Therefore, there is a call for modern ways that are safe for human beings.

The following are some of the safest ways you can use to get rid of cockroaches in your home: 

  • Insecticide gels

If you need a long-term chemical weapon for roaches that can last up to seven days, then gels will do the magic for you. They are ready-for-use as all you need is to apply it correctly around the roaches’ vantage points. You can leave it for a week to kill every last crawling insect.

  • Box traps

This method, more or less, works the same as house-like traps, only that roaches can leave with the poison to spread it to others in the nests. The box-like traps are laced with powdered or solid-like poison that doesn’t kill instantly. Cockroaches get attracted by the sweet smell, and once they are inside, they become couriers of insecticide poison.

  • Chalks

Using chalks is the cheapest chemical-based option you’ll ever come across. Moreover, chalks are safe for pets, so you’ll not have to restrict their movements. The application process is also easy as you only draw continuous lines in roaches’ vantage points. You can also mark cracks on the walls. However, chalks can be very dangerous when they come in contact with food material, especially moist food.

  • Insecticide sprays

Sprays are the most common form of insecticides for many pests. As for roaches, you’ll need to spray the contents of the container directly on a cockroach. Spray insecticides can work in two ways; by forming a powdered substance which suffocates the roach through blocking spiracles or by killing instantly. Sprays that kill instantly usually have high poison content.

  • House-like traps

As the name suggests, this kind of chemical weapon attracts insects into a house-like structure whose walls have poison lacing. The poison always smells sweet, so you’ll be assured of roaches getting attracted. The best thing is that such products are safe for both humans and pets. Therefore, everyone will be safe, but roaches! The poison works in the form of glue whereby cockroaches, including any other crawling insects, stick on the liquid once they step inside.

  • Insecticide fog

Foggers work like insecticide sprays, but they last longer. You’ll spray the can contents at slightly 15 cm away from the ground or wall surface. The poisonous insecticide turns into foggy particles that penetrate even the narrowest cracks to kill roaches and their larvae. This method is ideal for apartments or offices where cockroaches hide in thin areas such as inside book covers and behind wardrobes. Well, you can bid goodbye to roaches if you also choose the hygiene way. You don’t have to wait for it until it reaches a stage for chemical control; take that precaution today!

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