How to Get the Most out of Virtual Exercise Classes

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2020 has been a challenging year for everyone in so many ways. When it comes to daily habits, countless people have found their routines interrupted, challenged, or downright impossible to continue. Many people know how important exercise is for their health and mental well being, but given the current situation, they are wondering how to get in their daily sweat.

Virtual exercise classes are booming, and this trend is expected to continue into the post-pandemic world. Maybe you have considered virtual workout classes, but you did not know where to begin. Perhaps you’re wondering what you need to do to get the most out of a digital exercise class.

Consider What Equipment Is Needed

When attending a virtual workout class, you will be located in your home and the teacher will be located wherever the course is filmed. Because you won’t be in a studio or gym environment, you might not have all the equipment you need to follow along. 

Equipment-free online exercise classes are available as are workouts with specific equipment. For example, if you have a yoga mat, you can search for virtual classes that require nothing more than a yoga mat. Alternatively, if there’s a course with the required equipment you truly want to take, you can look into ordering the tools you need or purchasing them in a local store.

Consider What Kind of Class You Want to Take

No matter where you are in your personal fitness journey, there will be a virtual class that suits your interests and needs. There are countless options for beginners, intermediates, and lifelong exercisers, as well as individuals focusing on particular types of training. You can try a session to get a sense of what classes are, as can be seen on if you’re not yet sure which class will suit you best. The benefits of exercise are too great to let COVID get in the way. Take your time and choose a class that fits with your fitness goals and desired level of difficulty.

Make Space for Your Workout and Your Screen

The amount of space you need, of course, depends on the specific class you are taking. Whatever that amount of space is, make sure to move items out of the way before class. This way you don’t need to stop in the middle and push your coffee table over a few inches. Scan your space for little things that may have wound up on the floor, especially if you have pets or children at home. A tiny lego piece can become a big headache.

Not only will you need to prep the space you’ll be moving in, but you’ll also need to find a good spot for your screen. If your television hooks up to the internet, this might be an excellent option. Of course, you can use a computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone. Whatever screen you pick, set it up somewhere you can easily see and hear it while sitting and standing in your workout space. In almost every situation, this is going to mean making sure your device is elevated.

As a side note, if you’re going to be doing any core workouts, set up your space so you will not need to turn your head to the side to see the screen. Keeping your neck straight and head facing forward is important when doing exercises like crunches.

When Jumping Be Aware of Your Space and Your Joints

If the exercise requires a lot of jumping, you’re going to need a little extra precaution. If you’re in an apartment, your downstairs neighbors might not like you jumping around. Jumping can also shake things up. Depending on the structure of your home and how precariously things are balanced or attached to the wall, this might have some undesired consequences. Go easy at first and take down any items that seem like they’re going to fall.

When jumping or leaping at home, you need to also keep your joints in mind, in particular your knees. Many gyms and studios have flooring with a slight give which helps ease the impact of certain movements on your knees. Depending on what your flooring is made of, you might need to go a little easier on the jumping. (If your floor is extremely hard, like concrete, you might consider skipping the jumping altogether.)

Take Advantage of the Social Aspects

Yes, you’re working out at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain some of the benefits of socialization. Group lessons can be a great way to get in a little bit of social interaction. Stay to the end of the class and speak to some of the other students. Log in a little early to have a nice chat before the class begins. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a truly wonderful friend in the process.

With these things in mind, you’ll be ready to get the most out of whichever virtual exercise course you choose. Just because your schedule has been interrupted, doesn’t mean your health needs to take a hit. More and more online workout classes are opening each day.

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