How to Get Your Baby to Sleep, and Stay Asleep

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Are you struggling to make your toddler sleep at night? 

Well, a lot of parents go through the same situation! 

While toddlers tend to sleep more than 8 hours a day, their irregular sleeping routine may disturb their sleep at night. Therefore, a lot of parents keep asking the same question, i.e., how to make my baby sleep during the night.

Well, the answer is to get the right mattress. A mattress can affect the sleep of your baby significantly. Moreover, make sure that it is comfortable. But where will you get a great bed? The answer is to run a quick Google search with the query – mattress store locator near me. 

Furthermore, you can also analyze the schedule of your baby’s sleep and understand the various phases of your baby’s sleep. The analysis will help you develop a strategy to ease your toddler’s sleep and help him/her take a good rest.

Here is a list of tips you can adopt to get your baby to sleep: 

  1. Find out the sleep requirements of your baby 

Firstly, start by understanding the sleep requirements of your baby. That’s because your baby is unaware of the difference between day and night. Therefore, he/she can sleep for either 10-12 hours or even 4 hours a day. 

Therefore, analyze the time at which your baby sleeps and understand the daily sleep routine of your child. Furthermore, your baby might need to feed every two hours, so make sure your analysis includes this too.

  1. Make a sleeping routine 

After you have analyzed your toddler’s sleep needs, you need to make a bedtime routine for him/her. Moreover, a study shows that parents who set a bedtime routine for their children help them get a better, more relaxed, and comfortable sleep.

Furthermore, there is no age limit for setting a bedtime routine. Therefore, you can make a bedtime routine for your child even if he/she is 6 to 8 weeks old. Also, to help your toddler follow the sleep routine, you can follow these tips: 

Play with your child during the day and evening to make him/her tired and help get better sleep 

Invest in a luxury mattress topper to make your child’s sleep comfortable 

Keep the activities peaceful during the end of the day and don’t make your child excited 

Shower your baby before bedtime

  1. Soothe your baby until he/she sleeps 

When your baby is around 5-12 weeks old, you need to soothe your baby until he/she starts feeling drowsy. Moreover, as soon as the baby starts feeling sleepy, put him/her to the bed. Just don’t wait for your baby to sleep in your hands.

Once again, make your child feel comfortable by purchasing a hybrid mattress. Also, to ensure that you are buying the best one, you can consider online latex hybrid mattress reviews. Therefore, an outline will help you choose the most comfortable mattress.

  1. Decorate the bedroom 

There is a lot of significance in the bedroom and its decoration by yourself in a baby’s sleep. Therefore, make sure you decorate the room with soothing colors and decors. Moreover, you can also add baby pictures to enhance your toddler’s sleep.

Lastly, make sure that your child likes the décor and feels comfortable with it. 

The takeaway 

Putting a baby to sleep is no less than the complex rocket science. You need to pay a lot of attention for the sake of you and your child’s comfort. Therefore, make sure you follow the tips written here to get the best results. That’s all we have for today. 

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