How To Gift Flowers The Right Way: Meanings, Symbols and Occasions

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The gifting of flowers has long been a way to communicate feelings of love, passion, joy, admiration, empathy, and prosperity. Many of us will send and receive flowers as an act of kindness and enjoy how they brighten up a room or home, but if you really want to express how you feel about someone, you must first learn the language of each flower and it truly symbolizes.

There are Flowers for Everyone – your partner, lover, mother, father, brother, sister, friend and colleague – and for every occasion. To ensure that your bouquet of flowers says just what you want it to, consult the glossary below.flower arrangement

Flowers to symbolize love and admiration

If you’re looking to show love, whether that be romantic love, passionate love, everlasting love, or unconditional love between family members, these flowers will say all the right things.

Red Rose

A rose is the ultimate symbol of love, often associated with Valentine’s Day. Different colored roses symbolize different kinds of love, but the infamous Red Rose means enduring passion between two lovers.

Red Tulip

Tulips, whatever color, symbolize a declaration of love, but red tulips specifically mean a love that is perfect and true.


Camellias of all colors represent love, admiration, and affection. Red Camellias symbolize passionate love and a deep desire, while White Camellias represent longing and adoration.


This flower symbolizes splendid beauty, but also worth beyond beauty.


Orchids represent a very delicate and rare beauty.


Dahlia symbolizes lasting love and demonstrates a commitment and unbreakable bond between two people.

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady’s Mantle)

Alchemilla Mollis demonstrates comforting and supportive love between family and friends.


Carnations of all colors represent love and affection, but each color shows a different kind of love: pink means a Mother’s love; white represents pure love and fortune; light red symbolizes admiration; and dark red stands for deep love and affection.

Lavender Rose

This color rose symbolizes a certain type of blossoming love: love at first sight and total enchantment.


Daisies covey a loyal love; one that is innocent and pure.

Flowers to symbolize friendship

If you want to show a friend that you love and care about them, be sure to gift them one of the below.

Yellow Rose

Roses generally represent love, but yellow roses symbolize a joyous love between friends.


Freesia represents thoughtfulness and a sense of innocence.

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies)

This flower is the ultimate symbol of friendship, but also represents fortune, wealth and prosperity.


This flower symbolizes a strong bond between best friends. It also represents a happy and beauty-filled life.

Flowers to symbolize gratitude

If you want to express gratitude, these two flowers are what you need.

Pink Rose

Pink roses express gratitude and appreciation.


Hydrangeas express heartfelt emotions, particularly gratitude and sincerity.

Flowers to symbolize empathy and remembrance

Send these flowers to show someone you are thinking of them or are regretful. They are commonly present at funerals.

Purple Hyacinth

Purple Hyacinths mean sorrow, regret and seeking forgiveness.

White Tulip

This flower often represents regret and apology. It also symbolizes worthiness.

White Stargazer Lily

This flower represents sympathy, innocence, and purity.


While Statice can be a symbol of success, they generally represent sympathy and remembrance.


Poppies represent remembrance and consolation and are most synonymous with Remembrance Day.

Flowers to symbolize joy

These flowers are the ultimate show of joy. Send them to someone to enjoy in their home.


Sunflowers resemble sunshine are the ultimate representation of joy and cheerfulness.

Daffodil (Narcissus)

Daffodils bloom at the beginning of Spring and represent rebirth and good fortune. (Hint: a single daffodil signifies misfortune.)


Chrysanthemums symbolize a joy-filled long life and optimism.

Yellow Tulip

While tulips generally signify love, and a yellow tulip used to symbolize hopeless love. Now, though, this sunshine-like flower represents cheer and joy.


Gerbera holds many similarities to a Daisy, both in the way it looks and its representation of loyal love. Gerberas also symbolize cheerfulness, purity, and innocence.

Flowers for weddings

These flowers all indicate a long and prosperous life, and are therefore popular in wedding bouquets.

Sweet Pea

This flower symbolizes pleasure and ultimate bliss.

Pink Stargazer Lily

This lily symbolizes honor, wealth, aspiration and prosperity.


Peonies represent prosperity and a happy life. They are also very synonymous with weddings and marriage.

White Calla Lily

The White Calla Lily signifies beauty, purity, and magnificence.

Peach Rose

Peach roses symbolize demureness and modesty.

Now that you know the language of flowers, you can express your emotions more meaningfully.

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