How to Glaze a Window

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A term in French called ‘Vitrier’, means glass or window pane. Windows are a very common thing in every house. We often get in trouble with hazy windows after some days due to dust or other substances. Then there comes the question of glazing them. As a result, many companies like Vitrier Liege provide glass cleaning or glazier service.

A single pane window can last more than 100 years if it can be appropriately maintained. Replacing old putty as well as their perfect maintenance, can increase its durability. People often fall into big trouble because they don’t know the way of glazing them.

However, it is very easy and straightforward. To know in detail how to glaze a window, keep reading.

Elements required for glazing windows

  • Acrylic caulk
  • Varnishing facts
  • Varnishing putty
  • Window glass

Tools required for glazing

  • Heat gun
  • Putty-knife
  • Utility knife

These tools and materials are required to do the task perfectly and nicely. Glazing compound usually covered an old single-pane window. It holds the glass tightly to the frame. It generally lasts decades, but it loses its temper and gets cracked and faulty after a single year. Eventually, it falls from the windows and gets damaged by rainwater and other outside objects.

When you replace old putty from the windows, it will take 15 minutes to an hour depending on the types and the glass as well. However, replace broken glass when you are doing so. It will cost little dollars at the same time, and it will save a huge amount of money from future damage.

How to glaze a window

Here you will get 7 tips to glaze windows correctly.

  • Remove old windows’ glaze compound
  • Alternative to compound

You can follow this step to glaze the windows. It might seem difficult, but after some more trying, you must get it easy and comfortable. Let’s know them in detail.

Remove old windows’ glazing compounded

The most important task is to remove old putty from the window frame. When your old compound gets cracked, you should get them from the window frame with a small or large knife. Removing putty often takes a long time.

You should make them soft to remove it from the frame. However, you might take a heat gun to one and a knife to another hand. The heat gun works to soften the putty, but you should place that gun to the right place as it can damage the glass.

When the heat gun makes soft that putty, then you can easily get them out from that place. In this connection, you should wear a leather glove to protect your hand from the burn.

Remove glass and compound from the windows

For setting up a new glass to the window frame, take the proper measurement for that glass. Then take the shade of that old glass to match the thickness.

Try to buy the package of putty that fixed a glazing point at the same time that will hold the glass with the frame. The compounded are available in oil-based or latex form.

The latex-based putty serves a long time, and you need not wait a long time to give a shape in oil-based putty.

Set the glass in place

In case of installing a new glass to the window frame, you need to use the compound lay on the light bead to the frame. In this connection, the direction might tell you the right path.

But if you use an oil-based compound, lay the light bead latex caulk. Then place your new glass to the frame, press, and firmly attach the window glass.

Place compound on the window frame

This step is very important for making the window strong and glazing. Take proper compound and then place them to the right place so that no gap or errors are found on the glass.

Plane the compound

To make the task completed, make the compound smooth. For doing this, you need to take a long knife and place oil on after that witting that knife with putty oil. Make that putty smooth as it requires.

Oil-based putty is easy to smooth as it becomes soft for a long time. So, in this connection, take a can with hot water and place that putty to make it softer.

Try to remember that oil-based putty remains soft for a long day. So, don’t touch until it gets hard. Then make it colour to look attractive.

Clean the window access

Try to get out old putty from the window frame. This is a very important and cautious step as it may create crack to the window glass. At the same time, be careful about not touching the smooth surface.

Alternative to compound

Appling compound sometimes creates a problem, and it is a time-consuming task. So, considering good looking and long-lasting matter, you can apply wood mouldings to the window frame.

Set the glass into the frame with light bead latex caulk. For nailing mouldings in the right place, you should drive tiny brads with a hammer. In this connection, brad pusher is the most straightforward and easy method to do this task.

These are the tips and ways by which you can glaze windows.

Get a Glazed Window!

Glazing may look difficult at a first try, and it might feel hard when you try to do the task without knowing the right way. Now you know how to glaze the window as here you get the right instruction. Proper planning and timely work may increase the durability of that window glazing.

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