How to Hire a Skip Bin

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When you have skip bins, they can help you in various ways from cleaning purposes to disposing of waste. They can be of really great value if you are moving to a new house and looking for big bins where you can dispose of your rubbish. When you go for skip bin hire companies, they will be able to help you as per your needs.

There are various skip bins that are available in the market and it is important that you have the knowhow information before you go out looking for one. There are people who use them on a regular basis for their day to day cleaning. You will come across a number of companies that provide cheap skip bin hire services.

Before you decide, you will need to:

  • Know the type of waste: The first thing that should be on your mind is the type of waste that you want to dispose of. Is it of one type or of various types of waste? A majority of skip bins providers are able to supply bins for one or more of the following waste types:
  • Heavy mixed waste
  • Green waste
  • Lightly mixed waste

The bins for waste that is lightly mixed have weight limits together with other restrictions. Depending on the skip bins providers, the restrictions will vary. If your waste weight exceeds the limit of lightweight conditions, then it is going to be considered as heavyweight various waste and thus, you will have to pay an extra amount for the waste that exceeds. If that is your case, then you will do great with a heavy mixed waste skip bin. Check out Skip Bins Perth.

Ensure that you don’t put toxic or restricted items in the skip bins. Things like asbestos, shouldn’t and if you do, the company can charge you for that.

  • The size

In most cases, the size of the skip bin is normally known by the volume in cubic meters. Thus, you will have to know how to be able to visualize a cubic meter when you are choosing one for your own use. This you can estimate by drawing a 1×1 square on the ground and then visualizing it to a height of 1 meter. Go ahead and calculate the number which will be able to fill the bin. You will have to get a bin with a minimum of that capacity. For your own good, it is best to get a bin which is larger than what you think you need instead of getting a smaller one.

  • Period of hire

Different bin providers offer different periods of hire. It starts from 3 days with a majority hiring it for one week or even up to 10 days. You will have to calculate how many days you think you will need the skip bin depending on the amount of waste which you have. You should remember it will take wheelbarrows number of  a capacity of around 100 to 110-liter. So you will need around 20 wheelbarrow loads to fill a 2 cubic meters skip bin.

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