How To Identify If Movie News Is Authentic?

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Needless to say, fake movie reviews do exist. It may be difficult to know if movie news is real or not, but it is not impossible. Fact checking has become the norm for social media sites, but as for movie news sites, you may have to do the work yourself. It may be well worth your time to fact check a movie review so that you can save yourself time and money. Fact checking will take some time, although it may be well worth it in the end. You won’t end up going to the movies, or renting a movie that you don’t enjoy.

Tips on Fact Checking

Most companies have a code of ethics or a mission statement on their website. Their code of ethics will state that they have to uphold only the highest standards, and abide by the editor’s code of ethics.

Read customer reviews. Check their 5 star rating. Read their “about us” statement. Research the journalist or author who is writing the review. Do some background research on the person who is writing the article. You may find that this person is unheard of, or unknown.

Do you have a gut feeling that the headlines are an exaggeration? Are they misleading? Check social media comments for complaints or negative comments about the company itself, or about a movie review or about the movie that you are interested in. Another way to fact check a movie is by watching the movie trailer yourself. Does it line up with what the review says? If the movie news is not authentic, you may want to scratch it off of your list.

Melissa Zimdars, an associate professor of communications and media at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts, says that she noticed her students using questionable references on their papers, so she made a list of ways to think about them. She included a list of misleading and fake websites for her students to review. You can read the following article about self-fact checking sources of information that you may be interested in.

Other Ways to Fact Check a Movie Review

If you look closely at the website address, you will see the address, or URL, ends with a .com, or a If the URL includes a at the end, the website may be fictitious. You may also notice the word “ad” preceding a company website address. Go directly to the source rather than clicking on the website address preceded by the word “ad.” That URL may lead you to an advertisement, not the website itself.

Many movie review companies that have the latest movie news, will tell you that they update their reviews constantly. They will say that their writers are allowed to share their opinions and perspectives about a movie. While this may be true, you, the consumer, must judge the review for yourself. After watching the trailer, you may find that you don’t agree with their opinions. Not everyone’s perspectives about a movie are the same.

Fictitious Writers

Fictitious writers do exist. They write reviews, articles, and blogs using a name other than their own. Research authors, writers, and journalists so that you may know if what you are reading is true. The following article may interest you. It is about a person by the name of Daniel Manning. The name is fictitious.

The main reason for sharing this article with you is to show you that, indeed, fictitious writers do exist. We can’t always trust the source, and we can not always trust that what we are reading is true. If in doubt, research it. You don’t have to necessarily throw it out, but do your fact checking.

Movie Review Companies

Competent companies do exist, however. Not all companies that list movie reviews, trailers, and listings of recent movies are fake. You can read reviews of latest movies, see schedules of the latest releases, check movie ratings, and even see an entire list of movies from A to Z.

A competent company will list box office results, they will post movie trailers, offer a subscription to their newsletter so you can become better acquainted with them, and list the movie production studios next to their movies. They have social media accounts so you can follow them, and become acquainted with their writers.

Not only can you do a thorough review of their company, but you can leave comments for those who are in leadership positions. If you have questions about a movie or a review, or trailer, leave a comment, or ask them, and you may be surprised to find an answer. They encourage consumers to become acquainted with their company and all they have to offer.

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