How To Improve The Way Your Garage Looks

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If you’re tired of seeing a cluttered and dirty garage, there is hope. You can make some changes, and in no time, you’ll be enjoying the use of a clean and organized garage. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or hire somebody else to do it for you. All it takes is planning, effort, and determination.

Your garage doesn’t have to look cluttered and unorganized. Instead, follow these easy steps to make your space more functional, attractive, and a great place to store your belongings.

Upgrade Your Garage Doors

The first thing you should do is check out your garage doors. You can buy replacements for old units or consider visiting at garagedoornation to get an upgrade to something more modern. New doors are usually steel, which is better at insulating the space to keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They’re also more robust than traditional wood units. This will help protect your garage from inclement weather while also adding security.

New doors can be sectional or one-piece styles. Make sure they fit well with the rest of the look of your home exterior if you don’t want them to stick out like a sore thumb. Plus, make sure to get updated handles and knobs that match the rest of your hardware on your windows, and the front entranceway door is a plus too.

Clean Your Floor

It would help if you also considered your floor. Coatings can help reduce the amount of dust and dirt that ends up on the floor while making it easier to sweep, mop, or broom. It’s a good investment if you have pets or small children who will be playing in the garage space. A clean floor will also make it easier to spot spills or leaks you may want to take care of.

If you have a concrete slab, it’s essential to seal the surface, so stains don’t penetrate the material and create ugly black marks. Dehumidifiers help reduce moisture levels in the air, which is excellent for preventing mildew. You can also use fans to dry out any wet areas that grow mold or attract bugs like ants or spiders. If you have carpet, replace it with something more durable like tile or wood because they are better at holding up over time against foot traffic. This will make it easier for you to clean up spills, too, by using disinfectant wipes on most surfaces.

Organize Tools And Supplies

You may have the best intentions in the world to keep your garage organized, but it’s easy to forget about more minor items that end up getting misplaced. The result is an area that looks messy and chaotic. Garage storage cabinets are a great way to help everything stay in its place instead of becoming lost or disorganized.

Don’t forget shelves for paint cans, tools, test equipment, workbenches, sports equipment, you name it. Try to put things back where they belong each time you use them so you can find what you need without much hassle when you need it again. If possible, designate one wall for frequently used items because this helps reduce clutter tremendously since everything has its specific spot.

Pick Paint Colors That Play Up Your Decor

Don’t be shy about using bright colors in your garage! It may sound strange, but you’d be surprised how much it can help transform the look of any space. Think outside of the box. Choose something fun, bold, or both! If unsure what might work best, try picking up samples and placing them on different sections of the wall. Compare & contrast until you find a combination that looks great and feels perfect in your space.

You can also try contrasting colors, which bring even more visual interest to the room, like light gray over dark brown, sky blue over rust orange or burnt sienna, etc. Sure it’s not for everyone, but when done right, these color pairings make spaces pop! Plus, they’re ideal if you happen to have too much stuff in your garage because they tend to give off a more spacious feel. Check out some fantastic examples below:

  • Light Gray / Dark Wood Brown
  • Sky Blue / Rusty Orange
  • Burnt Sienna / Black

Any one of these vivid paint choices will transform your garage with minimal effort, unlike some DIY projects, which require a weekend of work and an entire day to complete. Paint is a fantastic way to give new life to existing surfaces without trying too hard or spending too much money. Just be sure to follow the manufactures instructions carefully, re-coat as necessary, and allow for proper curing times between each coat.

Add Some Wall Art Or Memorabilia

Cars And Motorcycles: If you’re into cars and motorcycles, consider hanging up your favorite photos & prints of them from the wall. Don’t worry about whether they match perfectly because it’s all about personal preference at this point! Just make sure they aren’t crooked by using special picture hangers to tighten things up nicely against any flat surface or even the wall.

Vehicle Model Posters: Another idea is to place vehicle model posters over your workbench or any garage space that needs an uplifting touch. They’re relatively inexpensive, come in various designs & styles, and can be found in all sorts of sizes. It’s also good to note that some are self-sticking, so you won’t need to use tape or glue by applying it directly onto the surface.

Sports Memorabilia: If cars aren’t your thing but sports are, then go with sports memorabilia. You might not believe it at first, but plenty of people collect items related to airsoft, lacrosse, rugby, angling/fishing, MMA /UFC, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, wrestling, tennis – even cricket.

So there you have it, a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing and take the look of your garage up a notch or two. These suggestions should help take things from drab to fab in no time and without much effort at all. Your garage should be somewhere where everyone wants to spend time working on projects together or playing games instead of being cluttered and chaotic. Using these helpful tips can transform your unattractive garage into an appealing space people will want to use more often.

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