How to Keep Your Cat Children Happy

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It was about two years ago, and after a half-decade of exhausting options, when my partner and I realized kids were not in our cards. We were sad and mopey for several days. Life had dashed our dreams of first steps, first words, and all the grandkids.

But then something magical happened: a cat strolled into our lives. At first, the mood all around was cautious. He spent most of his time just out of reach, and we were nervous new pet owners terrified of messing up.

Over the weeks, though, tensions eased. The little four-paw, who we’d named Zizzle, began to nuzzle us awake in the mornings and follow us from room to room.

Fast-forward a few years, and Zizzle is now our bonafide son. He’s filled a void and made us realize that four-pawed babies can be just as fulfilling as human ones — plus, we’re not burdened with college tuition concerns!

Throughout the process, we also realized that caring for a cat kid and a human child involves similar strategies and stances.

Make Room for Quality Time

Cats are natural predators that love to hunt. They thrive on it — which is why playing with Kitty every day is key. Just as you would make time for quality time for a human child, do the same for your fur-ball.

But remember that hunting play is different from dog play. Cats probably won’t be up for a game of Frisbee or a trail hike, but they do love to play stalk the mouse and chase the bird feather!

Feed Your Cat Baby Well

Would you feed a human baby Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Skittles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Probably not. And you likely don’t want to raise Kitty on a diet of crapola either. Since cats — both wild and domestic — are obligate carnivores, they can’t thrive on a vegetarian diet. Instead, a healthy diet for Kitty is high in natural meat proteins and low on filler and carbohydrates.

Some folks insist it’s perfectly fine to keep your house cat on a vegan diet. It is not. So when shopping for cat food, be mindful of your fur babies’ physiological needs and choose options that fit into your budget and their nutritional matrix — just like you would an infant.

Let Your Cats and Kids Be Who They Are

Are there days when you don’t feel like dealing? Sometimes, do you wake up in a funk and wallow in your emotions all day? Well, your cat feels the same way, too, from time to time. And like you, when they do catch a case of the moody blues, they like to be alone!

So if your baby cat needs some time to themselves and doesn’t want to cuddle, don’t take it personally. Treat them like you would any human — give them their space!

However, if you notice Kitty’s mood lasts longer than 48 hours, make a vet appointment. When felines hide for a few days, it may be an illness indicator.

Get Yearly Checkups

You’d take human children to the doctor’s office at least once a year for checkups, right? Well, the same applies to cat children. Diseases and other dangers lurk everywhere, so make sure your feline is up-to-date with their shots! And don’t forget that pets are prone to cancer and chronic ailments — which early-detection can mitigate.

Caring for your cat kid like a human child is the way to keep your feline happy! And in return, you may just discover that their love is equally delicious. More tips on how to take good care of your cats you can find on

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