How to Keep Your Cat Children Happy

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It was about two years ago, and after a half-decade of exhausting options, when my partner and I realized kids were not in our cards. We were sad and mopey for several days. Life had dashed our dreams of first steps, first words, and all the grandkids.

But then something magical happened: a cat strolled into our lives. At first, the mood all around was cautious. He spent most of his time just out of reach, and we were nervous new pet owners terrified of messing up.

Over the weeks, though, tensions eased. The little four-paw, who we’d named Zizzle, began to nuzzle us awake in the mornings and follow us from room to room.

Fast-forward a few years, and Zizzle is now our bonafide son. He’s filled a void and made us realize that four-pawed babies can be just as fulfilling as human ones

Sharing is caring!

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