How to Make Laundry Day Easy

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Laundry sits on top of the most boring and annoying house chore list to many. It gets worse in a big household where there are tons of items to wash weekly. Though today, most people use machines to wash laundry; storing and sorting the dirty pile is a daunting task. Folding and keeping washed garments is another overwhelming part of the chore many people hate.

The following hacks make laundry another simple task to ensure your household enjoys fresh and clean garments always.

Set Pre-Laundry Rules For The Entire Household

Sorting out clothes is one of the things that consume a lot of time when doing laundry. Get different laundry baskets for family members to put clothes immediately they change. Without any extra effort, you will eliminate the sorting of clothes before washing and save a lot of time.

Before putting the clothes in the basket, everyone should empty the pockets and turn their clothes on the right side. Though these few seconds’ practices may seem petty, it saves a significant amount of time making the laundry chore interesting and less draining.

Remove Stains Right Away

Dealing with stains later not only wastes a lot of time and energy but can cost you your precious garment. Do you know that most of the world’s horrible stains are easy to remove if you act fast? Rushing to clean off a stain when you have just finished your chores and relaxing may be the last thing on your head. But simple household items like hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, club soda, vinegar, etc.are known to clean fresh stains effectively with minimum effort.

Get stains out early to make washing less tedious.

Sort Out The Missing Socks Menace

Matching socks is a nightmare in many households today. Half of the laundry day can end while trying to find the missing sock. One excellent way of sorting the mystery is buying large quantities of the same brand. Limit the colors to two or three. You will have a huge variety to pair with any missing sock as they are all the same. When dressing up, just grab any two pieces, and you are ready!

Another way to sort the menace is having everyone put their socks into a mesh bag and zip it up. All you will need to do after the laundry is get the socks to the owner as they will still be together.

Set A Wash Routine

The frequency of the wash days depends entirely on the load and household preference. While some may prefer washing the clothes often to avoid pile-ups, others feel washing often is draining and garment damaging. Whatever works for you, ensure that you schedule your laundry day.

Jeans and sweaters are some of the clothes that may not need a wash after every wear. Some clothes are worn a few times before a wash. You may also consider washing different clothes on certain set days. For example, have a day for washing bedding, and another for cleaning the whites, then a different one for trousers and so on.

With a schedule, every member of your household keeps the laundry in the right place. It also helps to build the momentum before the day if doing laundry is a chore you hate. Consider building a laundry area and make it as functional as possible. Organize your laundry room to make cleaning and ironing the garments faster and easier.  

Do It Right

All clothes come with washing instructions tags, and most have small symbols that instruct you on the right way to wash them. Following the instruction and doing laundry the right way will make it seamless for you.

These tiny instructions will make your washing easier as well as save your clothes from damage due to wrong temperatures, or handling.

Clean Your Appliances

Cleaning the washing appliances after a few months makes washing way better as it rids off soap gunk, excess dirt, and other things that invade laundry. A clean dryer is more effective and makes it use less time to dry more clothes.

Arrange The Drawers Well

Drawers offer a great storage option as the clothes are out of sight hence do not easily gather dust. It also carries more in less space. However, it is a pain to get what you are looking for in a pile of clothes stacked from top to bottom. To make it easy to get the clothes, arrange the garments from front to back, which makes it easier to spot what you want at a glance. You will also have your laundry well-kept for longer with this arrangement.

Laundry is a contentious issue in many households today. You can change your attitude towards it by implementing these easy hacks that will make your garments clean with less fuss.

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