How to Make Your Dog’s Life Easier

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Dogs are, without a doubt, man’s best friend. They’re cute, cuddly, and adorable companions ranging from all shapes and sizes. They make us feel warm and fuzzy because of the cuteness they exude. In some cases, they’re the first aid responders for people who have disabilities in the form of being a service dog. Dogs are versatile creatures. But how do we make it up to them? Well, we can return the favor by making their lives easy and giving them the care, attention, and love they need. Here are ways to make your dog’s life easier.  

Groom them regularly

If you’re a dog owner, it’s common sense that you need to groom them, but how often should you be grooming your dog? Well, the answer depends on the type of dog you have. Hairier breeds tend to be the ones that need constant grooming as their coat can easily get tangled up or long enough to make them more susceptible to tick infections. Hairier breeds need grooming every day such as constant brushing. This helps them shed their excess hair and avoid the problem of tangling. These types of dog breeds should at least bathe once every 4-6 weeks to maintain the health of their skin and coat.

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For shorter-haired breeds, it is okay to give them a good brushing every other day. But, they will still need to bathe at least once every 4-6 weeks. If you’re having difficulties in keeping the grooming habit consistent, you should schedule regular appointments with a professional pet groomer.

Exercise is a must!

Dogs are highly energetic. Like us humans, they also need to be fit and active. Regular exercise can prevent your dogs from developing problems like joint pain, bone disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancers. Bigger dog breeds tend to be the ones that demand an active lifestyle. But don’t worry, regular walking goes a long way. Try not to overdo the exercising, though, because over-exercising might cause your dog to develop hip dysplasia, especially if they’re one of the bigger breeds.  

Vaccinate your puppies

Puppies are often susceptible to diseases such as Parvo, kennel cough, and rabies, to name a few. They must get vaccinated as puppies to keep them safe from these diseases. Visiting a vet can help you decide what vaccines your puppy will need. At the same time, visiting the vet gives you the opportunity for your puppy to have a checkup for any health-related problem.  

Feed them well

Apart from the special treatments mentioned above, your dog must be cared for at the very base level. Don’t forget to feed your dogs regularly with nutritious foods. While meat satisfies most of their dietary needs, supplying them with food that contains all the nutrients they need can be helpful for your dog. Dog foods, for example, are often supplied with the necessary nutrients these dogs need.  

Help your dogs cope with anxiety

Did you know that dogs also get anxious? Well, they do, and it is often noticeable with fireworks displays or thunderstorms. If you and your dog are in a situation wherein fireworks displays are bound to happen, make sure you help your dog cope with it. Dogs become anxious when there are fireworks or when there are loud and sudden noises.

Do you ever notice how dogs tend to hide away when they hear fireworks explosions? Or how they start quivering when they hear it? That’s because they’re anxious, and they perceive these fireworks or loud noises as threats. One way of helping them cope with this is by making them wear a “calming wrap.” These calming wraps are like vests, and they provide support to your dog’s torso through deep pressure stimulation that calms them down, or you could also hug your dog if you’re into that. 

These are ways to help improve the quality of life of your doggy companion. As much as dogs provide solace for us, it is also one of our duties to treat them kindly and give them the care they need and deserve. Caring for a dog is not easy, and it takes a lot of responsibility and commitment. Pets, in general, require a lot of work.

So a general reminder to really make a dog’s life easier is to gauge yourself. Are you ready to take care of a dog and all the responsibilities that come with it? Are you ready to invest in its needs? Questions like these are what you should be asking yourself when you’re interested in having a pet dog. 

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